Game Police Patrol Our Streets In Search For The Notorious Not-A-Game

Some people act as if gaming as we know it is in danger, and all of these new experimental titles — Proteus, Dear Esther, Dys4ria, Twine games, amongst others — are to blame. Usually, it's what people designate as 'art games'.

Sometimes, if you're in the middle of a "but is it a game" discussion, you can almost imagine a PSA: "....perhaps you or a loved one has come into contact with these questionable titles..."

It's mostly because some titles don't fit the mould; they're not games that look or play at all like games that we're accustomed to. A recent Twitter account has popped up that makes fun of just how ridiculous/pedantic/dramatic these conversations become, that you'd almost think that people are a part of the game police or something.

Well, now there's an actual game police.

And then that conversation about Proteus developed, and...

Maybe you, too, are a part of the game police task force. We're livin' in an Orwellian world, I tells ya.

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    Love it. People can p*** off defining what I do with my free time by their own blinkered terms of reference.

    FWIW I just watched the 30 Rock finale so am a bit emotional.

    I can't speak for the other games (I haven't seen or played them) but Dear Esther isn't a game at all. There isn't really an argument about it another then one people decide to create. it's a first-person visual-book, better yet a slightly interactive movie.

    The definition of a game requires play, when it comes to a video game that usually translates to interactive game mechanics, etc. The entire interactive element of Dear Esther is walking forward.
    There is no real exploration (other then the small amount of side-tracks with other bits of story), you can't jump or swim, you can't interact with the world around you in any way. All you can do is follow the set path until the next part of story takes over....basically you are turning the pages in the book, that does not qualify it as a game, it's just a different form of movie.

    I know Dear Esther has a huge amount of fanboys that will go crazy at me for all that but I really don't care, I never said it was bad in anyway, it is actually quite good (I'm not a huge fan personally but I still think it's really well made).
    Does it really matter if it is or isn't a game though? why does this article even exist? Do people actually care? Are there really people crying themselves to sleep at night because people like me dared to call Dear Esther a movie? - not to mention, it came out last year, so it's hardly up-to-date news now..

    While i agree that dear Esther is a f**king boring game, its still.... vaguely... a game.

    but thats not the point im going to make;
    Why do people hate on "Arty" games.
    "Some people act as if gaming as we know it is in danger, [Art Games] are to blame. "
    How is that even possible.
    Oh wait, i see. I understand.

    "The Tree of Life" arriving in cinemas at some point COMPLETELY wiped away the fact that Avatar - a non art movie - was more popular.

    Yeah. Right.

    Make your dear Esthers. People enjoy them.
    Make your Call Of Duties, too. People enjoy them.

    They aren't mutually exclusive.

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