They Said Draw Something, You Drew 11 Billion Somethings

They Said Draw Something, You Drew 11 Billion Somethings

Zynga celebrates a year of the once insanely popular social mobile game Draw Something by letting the world know how much time and productivity it wasted via a stat-filled infographic. Did you know the most popular word in The Netherlands is “Kerstbal?” Well you do now. Let’s learn more, it’s fun!

Draw Something was absolutely everywhere last spring. During the East Coast Games Conference last April I found myself sitting at a restaurant with Epic’s Mark Rein and several of my journalist cohorts, most of us hunched over our various iThings attempting to suss out sketches and share our own. I actually bought a stylus to play the game. I have no idea where that stylus is now.

In fact I haven’t touched Draw Something much since then, but that hasn’t stopped the rest of the world from kicking out some 11 billion drawings, spending a cumulative 28,000 years doing so.

My favourite stat of them all is that “3x Reddit Front Page” lurking amidst the bigger numbers. Three times! That’s much more impressive than 11 million Lady Gaga drawings.


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