This BioShock Infinite Trailer Isn't Dumbed Down, It's Stripped Back

BioShock Infinite's marketing has been interesting. It's not that it's being dumbed down necessarily, more like it's being stripped back, right to the core of what the game is. This sort of thing frustrates certain people, but agree wholeheartedly with the decision. The above trailer is a good example of that direction. It's action packed, alludes nicely to the game's themes but never risks alienating the folks who know absolutely nothing about BioShock or the work that Irrational Games typically does.

I like it a lot. Trailers aren't supposed to be burdened with exposition. They aren't supposed to swing around promises of thematic depth. BioShock Infinite is a period shooter set in a strange land and this trailer gets that across expertly.

I managed to play roughly four hours of BioShock late last week. You can check out my early thoughts on the game here.


    I've decided that I'm not going to watch any more of these trailers. Not to avoid spoilers (though there is a degree of that), but because I'm a cranky old man. I've been watching them for, what, two years now? I get it, your game is coming out, it's probably going to be fantastic. You've sold it to me. Now just leave me alone until it's ready!


    I dunno why, but a lot of that trailer reminds me of elements from FLCL.

    I think it's probably a bad idea to fixate on the game's "thematic depth". The cleverness of Bioshock was not that it had anything particularly intelligent to say about objectivism, but that it said something at all. Likewise here I'm really skeptical that the game will have anything deeper to say about fundamentalism, capitalism or what have you than "they exist". Marketing focused around those ideas is unlikely to draw anything but backlash from an uniformed traditional media and backlash from a disappointed gaming media.


    I missed out on the uber sweet looking Songbird Edition. 2013 is ruined.....

    Only six days away. Not long now :D

      ... whoops. 26th of March? Hmmm ... that sucks. I've been looking @, and they've been saying 26th of February. I guess they just aren't on the ball with that one :(

    I must say that I really like those "Truth From Legend" parodies that can be found on Irrational Games' YouTube channel. I'm not sure where they fit into a strategy of reaching out to new fans - I guess if you can't appeal to today's 60FPS attention-span gamers, then there's always their parents: the people who may still remember shows like "Ripley's Believe It or Not" or "The Twilight Zone".

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