This Crysis 3 Comparison Video Makes Me Want To Buy A New PC

It's been a while since I've played a multi-format game on PC, but this side-by-side comparison video — for Crysis 3, between PC and 360 — really has me tossing up the idea of splashing out some cash on a brand new gaming PC. Yet it also manages to inspire a real sense of awe for what Crytek has achieved on the Xbox 360. Weird.

I think the overarching point is this: I want to play Crysis 3. On something. Preferably a super expensive PC!

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    It makes me wish it was coming out on Steam so I can actually play it without feeling dirty.

      steam is still DRM...

        Ahh but it's not bloatware like EA's Origin is.

        Steam is ACCEPTABLE drm. Not all DRM is evil.

          Steam is still shit, it's just less stinky, more solid and easier to clean up shit.

          and yes, all DRM is evil.

            Sorry, don't share your opinion at all, especially when I've literally saved thousands via Steam. I can play it in offline mode, I can make backups of it and don't have to re-download it all when reformatting (have to with origin), but, I don't particularly care if you agree with that, you're adamantly against it I can tell. It's not shit, you're just being ridiculous.

              Well, no.

              It's got some design and coding issues which drive me right up the god damned wall. It's NOT a good program, it's just substantially better than other download services.

                Like? Be specific.

                  Because it's basically a web browser in a lot of ways, what should be very simple operations can take substantially longer than they should. Like many people, I got 9 bajillion invites to Dota2, but giving them away was tedious as hell because I can't just right click -> send to -> name. I've gotta go through their little song and dance and fill shit out in the little "e-card" form, etc.

                  The offline mode is great if you're PLANNING on being offline, but unexpected outages, although rare, are a motherfucker because I cannot play ANYTHING.

                  Updates sometimes break, and a game will show as "updating…" forever, or "update paused" when it's no such thing.

                  Plus I really, REALLY loathe that I can't give away games when I'm done with them. Most games I will never replay, and being able to donate 'em to another Steam user would be nice. This applies to all download services, of course, and many games fuck users over in that respect even if they don't tie to a steam account.

                  Lastly, the Mac version especially blows at window focus.

                  They're not huge issues, but they can aggravate the shit out of me.

                My only real issue with Steam is the UI is a bit slow (as in loading up community pages etc) and not particularly good. In both big screen mode and normal.

                  That's my main gripe with Steam also.

                  It never used to be this way, I remember when the 'tabs' switched and loaded instantly and only 're-loaded' when you clicked refresh or wanted to see a different page within that tab (viewing a player profile, etc)... but since they changed it and made it work more like a web browser, nowadays it's slow as shit, and really quite irritating.

                  I wish they'd change it back.


                You are a MAC user and steam blows for you.

                Sorry no one would pity you :/

                  You're not so good at reading comprehension, are you? My use of "especially" in referencing window focus on the Mac implies that the Windows version does this as well, but it's worse on Mac. I run both OSes, Mac for work/normal usage and Windows for gaming, but sometimes it's nice to play shit without rebooting.

                  How did I know some try-hard elitist would come along…

                  Last edited 04/02/13 8:32 pm

                  Letrico, dude, that's exceedingly rude and not warranted at all. I asked srg to be specific, he was and brought up some exceedingly good points. Wether you like it or not from an elitest point of view, MANY people play games on macs now. Steam should work like it does on a pc but unfortunately doesn't work as well alas. A big negative to it. Thank you srg for a well done post. It does give some food for thought indeed. None of them may be HUGE issues, but there is the simple fact that its like the thousand papercut torture, many many tiny cuts can add up to one hell of a gash...

                  I imagine you broadcasting your lowest common denominator catchphrases with a stupid grin on your face. Like, "HA HA, I showed that man what did type too much for me to read good!"

                Mate I own a mac for work and a gaming pc at home.

                Always been horrible to play games on MAC even if I run bootcamp. The windows component will never have enough resources and it sucks to hardcore game on it.

                Are you running bootcamp or Parallel?

                Yes it is a web browser but don't forget it the constant secure connection and multiple layer of security they build on top of Steam to prevent any personal information leak. You can argue why not just use secure https. They probably use both anyway.

                I have tons of Dota 2 invite as well but I don't have millions of friends to give to. Just my mates or anyone in my friendlist asking for it. Not an issue as I often write funny messages at the gift message section.

                Updates never break for me. The only problem is sometimes when the game is too old, it redownloads the whole client again. Not sure what's the point of that but can easily workaround it.

                Giving away PC games is a horrible idea. PC games suffer the highest piracy rate and relying on sales to survive on this platform unlike consoles. Traditionally consoles games are something that you could bring around friend's home and share the game which is the concept that remained until now. PC has always been an ass with DRM, I hate older DRM that only let me install 3 times. I have changed my 3 laptops and 2 computers for the past 6 years I can't even play my Crysis anymore. DRM sucks no matter old or new.

                Back to the point, if you can give away games you own. PC gaming will die. So many studios with great potential died because of piracy and you are in another way making it worst by allowing people to share PC games.

                Imagine a new studio creating indie game selling it for 5 dollar. They need to sell 50,000 to break even for the few months of development + wages for few developers. So we let you share the game. Breaking the sales to barely reach 20,000. Developers forced to leave the company and company owes money. Not enough developer to finish next product in time. Company dies.

                Loathe all you want but I would prefer everyone to buy the game so that my favourite studios stay alive. That's the difference between us :)

                  "Always been horrible to play games on MAC even if I run bootcamp. The windows component will never have enough resources and it sucks to hardcore game on it."

                  Dude… what? When you reboot into Windows via boot camp, it has, uh, all of the resources the hardware can offer. The ONLY difference is that you need to manually enable AHCI so it's not running in legacy ATA mode, but if you're intelligent enough to be able to build a PC, that's not exactly rocket science to figure out.

                  My machine is 8 cores + hyperthreading, 12GB of RAM, GTX570. It plays everything I throw at it just fine, and building a dedicated PC when I have that much power would be six miles beyond stupid.

                Of course you won't build another computer. Your MAC itself cost what I could get for a extreme state of the art computer. You know that really well mate.

                "8 cores + hyperthreading, 12GB of RAM, GTX570"

                I'm running i7-3770k, 16GB, GTX670 SLI. Tell me why I would game on my MAC.

              You are being equally ridiculous saying you can't backup Origin games, because you can. It's called copying the game folder to a HDD or such while you reformat, and that is no more tedious than Steam's backup method. Roommate and I share Origin game installs all the time so we don't have to download the same thing twice, works just fine.

              In fact I like that method more than Steams default backup option. The amount of times I've had to re-verify a game install after the Steam backup system has corrupted it is absurd, it's like half of the backups you make actually take part of the install out instead of just copying it.

              I like Steam more than Origin, by far, but lets at least not go spreading misinformation shall we?

                I've tried this approximately half a dozen times, each and every time, Origin refuses to acknowledge the presence of the game and initiates a redownload of the game from the servers. However, with Steam, simply copying the steam\steamapps\common folder across (seriously, who the F uses the actual Steam backup service? takes so long...) and having it reauthorise, which takes all of five minutes in total, goes a lot faster. Congratulations if it's miraculously worked for you, but me, and a few of my friends who I've so far asked tonight, with BF3, the Mass Effect series, the Sims games, Crysis 2, Command and Conquer 4 in common (ugh... was given it... hate it)... it just doesn't work.

          Steam is barely acceptable DRM, I prefer DRM Free. is amazing to me and a game I'm looking forward to very much (Rise of the Triad reboot) is coming to DRM free. That makes me happy. I can install it on as many systems as I want whenever I want, I can play it offline whenever I want. Love

            A game with NO drm is always going to be preferable. There is no competition in that manner at all. DRM is by and large something that does not work in practice. However, in terms of invasiveness, Steam has functional, non intrusive DRM. Compare it to UPlay for instance, with Steam, it can at least be offline and you can play on. UPlay? No chance... unless something major has changed recently?

              Publishers don't realise that DRM does not work. At the most it prevents games from being pirated prior to release and even that isn't guaranteed. I prefer Steam above all other DRM but I prefer DRM free above everything else.

                Absolutely, so do I, this isn't even a debateable point. I'm just saying that given the freedoms it does offer compared to other services such as Origin and Uplay, it's Steam all the way in comparison.

          yea i'll agree here. Steam is pleasent. Origin does feel dirty

        Here's a quick rundown on why people don't like Origin as much:

        As far as I can tell, Steam isn't really that much better than Origin in terms of usability. It's been around for longer so any advantage is to be expected. The real reasons are:

        People generally don't mind Steam DRM because they like Valve and Steam makes their life better through Sales and the convenience and having all their games in one place. Steam also has pretty much all the games.

        Whereas people generally don't have the same feelings about Origin DRM because they don't like EA and Origin doesn't have as many sales and its existence fragments their game collections. Origin only has EA games. EDIT: Corrected by lambizzle in da drizzle.

        I buy my games on Steam. I don't like that I have an entirely separate Origin account which is ONLY for Battlefield 3 and now Crysis 3.

        I know people have had problems and it's not perfect, But I've personally never tried to play a Steam game and thought "F*ck this DRM". My thoughts are only of how awesome the sales are and how easy it is to manage my game installations.

        Realistically it probably comes down in a large part to Steam coming first. It's better and I actually like Valve as a developer and a company, but coming first would probably give them the win anway.

        Last edited 04/02/13 2:49 pm

          Steam: Copy your games folder, it just updates them when you copy it back if you have to reformat your pc. I do reformat mine every couple of months for various reasons. Many others do too. Given I have a few hundred games, I have around 550gb worth of games installed. This is a hefty process, and I don't want to have to redownload it all.

          Origin: Good luck doing that shit. You HAVE to redownload it.

            No you don't. You can copy your games folder and it'll reinstall them like Steam does.

              I tried this the other day with BF3 (hadn't installed origin since I installed windows 8), unfortunately i must have stuffed up somewhere (or origin was just being 'awesome'), because it deleted the majority of the files in the BF3 directory and started re-downloading it all.

              To which I promptly said "screw it" and uninstalled Origin.

                Exact same issue here, it wont accept the copied version back, just deletes it and starts again.

                  Odd. I did this with Mirror's Edge a few days ago. My process was 1) Copy into 'Origin Games' folder in Program Files 2) Press install/download/whatever that button is labelled in the Origin client. Restored without downloading anything for me.
                  I've never tried restoring a 'backup' of a game that's dependent on Origin, like BF3 or NFS Most Wanted before though. I'll be doing this with Most Wanted soon however, cause my PC died :/


                  I tried to restore BF3 on several machines in the last year and each time it looks at it for a sec then deletes it and re downloads it.

                  Origin just doesn't have enough faith in its ability to scan the files you already have!

            Like lambizzle said, you actually don't... It's just a little more complicated. You basically start re-downloading the game via Origin, close Origin, insert all the old data into the new game folder and restart Origin; it then detects the old game data and you don't have to download it ALL again. At least that is the way it was the last time I tried it.....

            Anyway, only problem I have with Origin is that I like having all my games in one place (Steam); other than that, I don't mind Origin as a drm platform.

            Last edited 04/02/13 3:42 pm

          Just going to point out that Origin does have non-EA games, like Batman Arkham City and Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai.
          But other than that you're pretty spot on.
          There's just one major thing I think Origin does better than Steam. Updates. I can play my games while they're updating. I think it works by downloading the update then installing when the game's not being run, unlike Steam which downloads and 'installs' at the same time. Sounds small, but IMO it's a really big thing. Especially if it decides to download a really huge update when you want to play the game, like (for example) the ~20gb update Shogun 2 got when Fall of the Samurai came out :/ That's probably the biggest problem I've had with Steam (which was rather annoying).

            I completely agree on the updating thing. That does majorly shit me off.

          Prices on Origin are horrible as well.

        Yes, and I hate that, but if I'm gonna get to get my ass reamed out I prefer it only be by one company.

      I also hate Steam, but I fear that we're the minority here.

      Most of my issues come from back when I lived with my parents though and had bad internet; offline mode didn't work 9/10 times and I could almost never play any of my Steam games unless I was at a LAN. My other major issue lately has been not being able to choose where games installed to, but I noticed today they seem to have FINALLY fixed that issue. Either way, I'm in the 'all DRM is evil' camp.

    I built my current PC in July last year and it runs BF3 and Max Payne 3 *for lack of better examples* at Ultra graphics settings

    But can it run Crysis 3 I am already asking myself

      It feels pretty similar to BF3 in terms of performance, so I've got no doubt you will be able to run it nicely.

      I built my PC in Sep 2011. 2600k processor and 2 x 580's in SLI and it runs Crysis 3 with everything either high or very high at 2560*1600 averaging about 70 fps.

    Too bad a new PC can't improve the boring gameplay of Crysis.

      I enjoyed the hell out of the first one and Warhead. Second one was disappointing.

        I enjoyed the first half of part 2. The second half bored the shit out of me. Hunting the soldiers wasn't so bad, but the aliens were just meh, predictable and crap.

          I really enjoyed the second one, especially the alien battles. I loves how they had weak spots you could target, they could cloak, and taking them out silently was awesome. The level near the end on the floating central park was great, both visually and strategically.

          Yeah, it was no Crysis 1, which had such breadth and variety - fighting the other nano-suit soliders in the graveyard, the tank and flying missions, the zero-g alien ship mission, the stay warm mission, the giant boss battles... just such a wonderful game that I think a lot of people haven't properly experienced.... but having said all that, Crysis 2 was still good, in a different, more focused way. Not as good, but still good.

          I'm really looking forward to 3 as I love Crysis gameplay in general. It has a kind of Halo sandbox feel to it... and I'm a big graphics whore from way back.

            When you get the hi res mods for Crysis 2, I'll say this, it's one hell of a beautiful game to behold... plus, the streamlined controls DID make me feel more like a supersoldier than part 1 did... just sayin'.

              Yeah that was a big one for me, the streamlined controls - having super jump just be a held down jump, speed being integrated into sprint, strength being a held down punch/throw, and still having the two main powers,armour and cloak, being bound to keys. I went back and played through Crysis 1 after finishing 2, and it felt really awkward. I know there are purists who prefer the original controls "before they sold out" but the streamlined version makes so much more sense to me.

                There's benefits to both control schemes but overall I preferred 2's controls. XBL and PSN have the version of part 1 with 2's control scheme. It felt ok but not quite 'right'. I think the control schemes work well for each of the games. Crysis to me, was a game where you took your time, went slow, stalked. 2 was more of a balls out actionfest. The control schemes to me kinda reflected that.

    Looks noticeably better on PC, but it's still rather impressive what they've been able to do with the Xbox 360 version.

      Precisely! I had totally planned to come on like -- WOW YOU GUISE LOOK AT THE PC VERSION.

      But you can't ignore what a good job they seem to have done with the 360 as well.

        The Beta on PC isn't running with all of the advanced features enabled. Things like Tesselation, high res (subsequently high GB) art assets and a number of other effects aren't running.

        All that being said the demo was a bit of a snooze fest.

      I'm gonna need a new GPU Any news on the Nvidia 700 series? I don't want to buy a GTX670 only to have the next card come out a month later, and I usually only buy every second generation.

    Your comparing a 7 year old console to a PC running presumably the latest video cards. I think the 360 version does quite well. Id like to see a 7 year old pc run this....

    Is it just me or is the 360 version REALLY Blurry? Looks to heavy on whatever they are using for Anti-aliasing.

    That sums it up perfectly.

    Definetly reduce the graphics/effects/physics/textures and alot of other things but not bad job for the XBOX.

    If EA shareholders and other people at EA want to know why they are posting losses it is simple:
    1. Some not all of your games suck
    2. too much of the same
    3. orgin.
    4. by not having more of your games on the most popular online distribution method it would hurt sales aka STEAM.

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