This Entire Music Video Is One Incredible 16-Bit Tribute

Regardless of your thoughts on the merits of YouTube rappers, I'd hope that everyone visiting this site can appreciate the merits of the video for Gowe's Aurora, which takes a healthy slice of inspiration not just from 16-bit video games, but Paul Robertson's classic Pirate Baby video as well.


    Wow, cool 16-bit animated MV. Did Paul Robertson have anything to do with it? Or is it just "inspired" by? Would definitely play this game! :) The chiptune version is pretty cool, too.

    That was magnificent. While I can't say I'm a fan of that style of music by personal preference, the art in that clip was just fantastic. Loved the "NEON" logo that flashed on the screen, and the Itano Circus. I want the New Game Plus it hinted at >_>

    Doesn't look to me like it's quite as smooth as Robertson's style, certainly not as gory/messed up. Doubt he was involved.

      It's not Robertson. The song also samples quite heavily from Ronald Jenkees' 'Throwing Fire'. Not a bad video but it's really the only thing of note.

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