This Fallout And Hotline Miami Mash Up Needs To Happen

Here's a scene from Fallout: New Vegas re-done Hotline Miami style. I wonder how a game like this would work? How would VATS come into the picture, if at all? Well, as long as I get to kill Super Mutants I guess!

Props to the artist, Reddit user Sliferjam.

Click the image up top for full size.

[via the Hotline Miami Twitter]


    Well it's not Fallout + Hotline Miami but "Teleglitch" provides an awesome roguelike aspect to Hotline Miami's topdown shooter style.

    "How would VATS come into the picture, if at all?" - This makes me sad. and old.

    Sigh, never played Fallout 1 or 2, another victim claimed by Bethesda.

    Play 2 and try and fathom what fallout 3 could have ACTUALLY been.

      Well, technically Fallout 1 and 2 did have VATS, it was just another facet of the turn based system. I remember punching rats in the groin just after I emerged from the vault. Good times.

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