This Game Wants You To Take Your People To Meet A God

What if going to church was an epic quest, filled with hazards and gut-wrenching decisions that affected the people you loved? You'd think pretty seriously about your choices, wouldn't you?

That kind of weighty aspiration is exactly what Unwritten: That Which Happened is aiming for. The in-development PC game being made by Roxlou Games' Joe Houston, who worked most recently on Dishonored. The Kickstarter page describes it as a roguelike RPG hybrid where decisions and death are permanent and lasting. And players will be able to make their own quests for each other to play.

Unwritten looks like it could address a lot of the issues people say they have with narrative delivery in games, where choices made in a campaign don't seem to matter and the stakes feel too small. If you like the ideas floating around in the pitch video, head over to the project page to learn more.


    But if I did not have to make that journey to church being a non-believer then odds are I'd avoid all those hazards. But for the sake of argument, the concept sounds pretty cool.

    ^ Man give an atheist a chance to preach how they don't believe in god and they'll take it every time. They luuuurve talking about it.

      What about priests, and those people who keep asking me and every other person on the street if we have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ?

      I'll admit though, it was a bit of a dick move on Jones' part, being that there was no provocation here.

      Last edited 07/02/13 10:19 pm

        They're just as bad.

      He was hardly preaching, mearly stating he was a 'non-believer'... he even said the concept sounds 'pretty cool'
      You on the other hand take the first chance you can to take a stab at an Atheist.

      Relating to this game:
      I think it looks pretty awesome, I'll keep an eye out for when it is released.
      I wont be funding the kickstarter tho, the last one I backed the product was not any where near as good as advertised (it wasn't gaming related).

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