This Gorgeous 2D God Game That Lets You Command Giants

Take a look at Reus. It's a 2D god game where you control different types of giants and, naturally, dictate the lives of puny humans. The developers walk you through some of the basic gameplay in the footage above.

Interesting to think you can't make things too good for the humans, because then they ask for more than you can give. But, there are ways to solve that — hilarious ways, according to the development blog.

So what do you do when the greedy civilisation starts to destroy the adorable balanced civilisation, and you have all the powers of nature? THAT'S RIGHT, YOU HURL HURRICANES AND ROCKS AT THEM!! A more subtle way of dealing with these problems is by placing natural danger to temper the growth of civilizations. Just add a bunch of lions to the land, and the greedy civilisation will be to busy dealing with lions to start a pillage somewhere else.

Sounds like my type of game! Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Check out the official website here, where you can sign up for the mailing list.

Plan It, Earth: Reus Gameplay Footage [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Looks great, really looking forward to it. Nice post :)

    so.. is this Black and White for mobile?

      just read the website.. they mention Black and White, but I still don't see the difference.. *shrugs* watch this space i suppose

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