This Is Everything You Need To Know About The PlayStation 4

So you're here to find out about the PS4, right? The crazy amount of posts on the front page look a bit terrifying, right? Why not quickly delve in here and find all of the news! Everything you need to know! Every news post you have to check out!

There's a lot of stuff here, so I've tried to collate it into three nice little piles: tech, games and... other! I'll add any breaking news to this post throughout the day.


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    What about..


    Of all the things to screw up Sony :(

      You'd think at least a render of the design or even just a PS3 with the 3 liquid paper'd out and a 4 drawn on with texta

        that would have been hilarious, although all the xsbox fans would create billions of memes about sony being lame and no desighn aspect


      Word going around is that there is no console yet. Everything was running off a PC that has PS4-like specs

      You mean the console itself? I think they would be saving that for E3.

        exactly what i said... they showed the controller... some games... they can't give it all away now and have nothing to show at E3

          Why can they not give it all away now? This was the release announcement, and we really know nothing, yaay it has games, who'd have thunk it.

            today was more of a "yes, its definitely coming, here are a bunch of games to rock your socks"... i don't really know why it matters so much to people what it physically looks like?

            and like i said... they need stuff to show off at E3... if they rocked up at E3 with nothing new to show they'd cop shit for it... see what i mean?

              They cop shit regardless of what they do. I thought today's event was pretty good and gave us some teasers to keep us talking/speculating until E3.

              We all know roughly what the console will look like: black, power/eject buttons, slot/tray for games. LEDs.

              It would have been nice to see it, but people who are saying this event was a "failure" because they didn't show off the console itself is absurd beyond description.

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                thank you.... one of the only other ppl on the internet that gets it!

            The ONLY thing you don't know is what it looks like.

            Yeah we know nothing Burgies but that it plays games.
            Nothing like that it uses a stereo camera and has a new controller with touch pad and light bar. That they are going to stream games and have the fastest gamers network in the world.
            That there is cross play with Vita and remote play with Vita. That you can record gameplay. That you can live stream gameplay. That the machine has a separate processor so you can download etc while gaming.

            Yep, all they said is "it plays games. Who would of thunk it".... idiot use your ears or read the breakdown sites like this give.


      The controller being black, I assume the console itself will also be black?

      I remember there was a 'conspiracy theory' about how consoles with lighter colour always out sold consoles of the same generation which were black. e.g. Famicom/NES/SNES vs Megadrives, PS1 vs N64, Wii/Xbox vs PS3. Only one that didn't fit was the Dreamcast.

      Nintendo didn't show the Wii Console when they unveiled the Wiimote.

        Wasn't it the other way around? They showed the console but not the controller.

          Nope, it was a single image of the Wiimote until the big reveal at E3. They also let out drabs of information, such as "It's the size of two DVD cases" and that retro Nintendo games were coming to an eShop. I don't think we even knew about the Nunchuk - or the lack of graphical performance - or even that it was a console based around motion controls - until the big E3 reveal.

            errr, not true. i was a massive fanboy during this whole time and i distinctly remember the controller being a big secret and wasnt revealed until way after the console was (at the time named the revolution)

            first website google gave me for proof, note the lack of controller info:

              I stand corrected. I was sure the first mention was that shot of the Wii-mote.
              Fair enough.

      Isn't whatever black piece of plastic they're going to stuff the guts into kind of irrelevant at this point? There still hardware work going on and at the end of the day it's just another box you're going to jam into your entertainment centre.

      They gotta save something about it for E3. Besides it's not really that important.

    Need confirmation on 1080p.

    It's literally the only thing I care about.

      Well, you'd think it would be safe to assume that will be the case.

      And if they said we're going 720... but all games will run @ 60fps?

        What do you mean?

          Currently games run @ 720, but have a frame rate of 30 frames per second.
          Call of Duty, and a few others, run at 60 but generally it's 30 with some dips.

          Some people (PC gamers) believe a higher fps rate is more important than a higher resolution in terms of visual fidelity.

          So, would you accept a higher fps if the tradeoff was a lower resolution.

            depends if the standed res was 4k and it droped to 1080p 60 but if its 720 60 not a chance

            Right. I'd much rather 30fps at 1080p than 60fps at 720.

            I'm expecting more than the latter though, considering that the current gen can already accomplish that.

              Considering the beefy-as-heck 8GB unified RAM, I'd be surprised if 1080p wasn't the lowest output setting.

              Considering there are 4K televisions panned for next year.

              What? 60fps is the baseline for fluidity. I'd take 720p @ 60hz anyday (current-gen) Though, not a problem as the new consoles will be able to display 1080p @ 60hz easily.

    I don't really care why people care about what the box itself looks like? Or why they'd expect to see it this far out from launch? I mean, you assume it's going to be a vaguely rectangular-shaped box of some description. Unless it ends up being shaped like a giant phallus or something, is it going to impact your decision whether to buy it or not?

    They showed off a few games, although I'd have liked to see more from their first party studios like Naughty Dog, Polyphony, Santa Monica, etc.

    I would have liked more detailed specs, but they're not going to spill that this far out either, especially with MS not having announced anything yet. The 8GB RAM is a big one, though, both in terms of the potential for gaming, but also for what it might do to the price.

    Bunch of new games (some all-new, some previously announced multiplat stuff), new controller, new features and services and a general idea of release date. I'm ok with that considering it's still probably a good 8-9 months out from release. I'm sure it'll come into focus a bit more at E3 in a couple of months.

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      Actually, design does affect decision to buy. Especially if the hardware and games between PS4, XBox720 and PC are all similar. My decision will then come down to, can it stack with my hi-fi equipment? (limited space). Does it match my existing equipment? (I'm not going to buy a green chair to sit next to my black couch). Yes, I put off buying the 360 until they finally ditched white and I put off buying the PS3 until I could house it somewhere (impractical rounded top). I own more games than I will probably ever have time to play, so yes, aesthetics is now a large part of the decision process.

        Welcome to the 1% of console consumers, guess Sony should boys to your demands

        Yeah, but you'll find out what it looks like long before it releases anyway. I don't get why people seemed to be expecting to find out absolutely every last detail about it in February when it's not due out until near the end of the year.

          That's true. I think the problem was in the wording. This presentation was marketed as a 'PS4 reveal'. To the general public, specs don't mean a lot.

            No, that was the press' fault. The conference was marketed as 'The Future of Playstation' and nothing more.

        Wow. Now I understand why people mock TF2 gamers who buy games just for the promo hats.

      I like design theory (and architecture for that matter) and was particularly curious about what this thing will look like. I obviously wasn't the only one given the conjecture over the last few years.

        But who cares this far out, it's not like you arent going to see it at all before release, literally the only people this would be a issue for is the idiots going out and preordering this next week

          I don't see how, what technically amounts to unlimited layby until day of release, makes anyone an idiot. If you're talking about how EB often "loses" hundreds of your dollars on pre-SKU pre-orders. Then I know what you are saying ;)

    why all the hype for this?

      I would argue that is the entire point: to create hype. They tease us with just enough info and some devs talking up the system then at E3 they show pretty much everything they've got. They wouldn't blow all of their secrets so far out form launch and before E3.

    No The Last Guardian?
    Then I don't care.

      I can't wait for this game to come out and bomb spectacularly considering all the hype around it

        Because Ico and SotC were just terrible.

          Ico can go die in a fire as far as I'm concerned ... I didn't mind Shadow of the Colossus, but even then I haven't really played it since I bought it. The games just didn't really seem fun to me.

          Considering the crazy high standards people have built up surrounding the last guardian, there's more chance that it won't meet them rather than being the artistic masterpiece people are painting it as. I just want the game to come out so people will shut up about it.

    Damn, no info regarding if the console and/or games are region free. Lame.

    I'm kinda unhype about the PS4, though it does make me hope that Microsoft feel compelled to top this presentation. I'm guessing they're holding back for E3, which is probably why Sony felt they had to get people really buzzing about the PS4 ahead of E3.

    Frankly, this might have been a mistake.

      Most of the buzz at the moment seems to be of the "Sony bungled the reveal" variety. Whether that ends up being good publicity or bad publicity for them remains to be seen, but contrary to the mantra, there most definitely is such thing as bad publicity.

        Honestly, I think Sony's biggest problem is that they give consumers too much credit. They gave the specs, talked about games and said it was this year. Everyone is HEY GUYS BUT WHAT DOES THE BOX LOOK LIKE? People need something to imagine, even if the specs are far more important as to defining the device and what it can do. Its not like you carry it around or anything.

          Aesthetics matter, in the end. Consoles are regarded in a different light to your typical PC. They're appliances, to sit under your TV along with your Blu-ray player and your amp and so on. People spend a lot of money making sure their living room looks great, with a nice colour scheme, with the speakers matching the television or having all black-facade equipment in the cabinet. For many, the way an appliance looks is as important as how well it functions at its task, and particularly with the interesting and unique designs of consoles from past generations, people are understandably curious to see if this new generation console will look suitably awesome or terrible.

          People care their socks off - not least of all in the comments of Kotaku and Gizmodo articles - about the aesthetic design of a new mobile phone, yet people struggle to understand why people might also find the aesthetic design of a new console to be important.

          Edited to fix some horrendous grammar errors, hoo boy.

          Last edited 21/02/13 7:13 pm

            I would argue that it is not nearly as important to most users as it would be with a phone or tablet, which you carry around and physically interact with, and that others see. The closest equivalent component in a console is the controller.

            Do you think that if the next xbox was twice as ugly, but twice as powerful as the ps4 (assuming the same price) that most users wouldn't go with the power? Of course they would. The look of a console is NOT nearly as important in a non-portable device where the competition is defined by the performance of the games. Apple has shown that aesthetics CAN be the major selling point for devices, but they are fundamentally different to a console system, the most visible component of which is the TV - which could be manafactured by anyone.

            I think you will find out what the PS4 looks like shortly after they get the final size of the components, as well as cooling and airflow worked out. By declaring they are releasing this year they are committing to doing this quite shortly so they can begin production. I am assuming it wont be an anatomically correct fluorescent green penis.

            Last edited 24/02/13 3:46 pm

              My point was that aesthetics matter for a non-negligible portion of the market. I don't necessarily agree with it, but it exists.

      @kermitron Yeah I was pretty hyped before the conference - now I feel deflated. Especially having to wait even longer, after this same scenario happened at E32012...

      No doubt the PS4 will be an excellent system, but I'm thinking I will stick to having an Xbox720 & SteamBox connected to my HD. A GTX690 for my PC.

      And of course, OCULUS RIFT for my brain :D

    Is it disc based? I haven't read anything about the media used for it.

    So many questions still unanswered. Not everything we need to know is knowable yet, sadly.

    - Used games playable? Can you share games on a single console (siblings, partners, etc), or are they account-locked?
    - Is it even a disc-based system, or will we be expected to stream/DL everything?
    - PSN Account port?
    - PSN Trophy port?
    - Price? Australia tax?

    I'm excited for the technology, but not for the console. Not yet.

      This is what I wanted to know the most, we already knew the specs months ago from rumours.

      If you cant play offline or there are no used games I can just write it off now.

      PSN accounts have been universal so far haven't they? Working on the portable platforms too? The only reason I can see that they may not bring over the PSN account is if they're stupid enough to make it Facebook based.
      I don't think either Microsoft or Sony have the balls to make it not play used games, but both will wait until the last possible second to confirm their status on it. That way if the rumors about their rival console actually are true they won't spook them out of doing it (it's a long shot, but if only one console releases without used game locking, that console will win the generation hands down).
      It'll play disc based games. Sony won't release a console that can't be used as a DVD/Blu-Ray player.

        sony has confirmed it will play used games

      Of course it will be disc based, Sony spent millions in helping develop blu ray, and you think they'd abandon it while it's the market leader

        It might contain a Blu Ray player, but doesn't say anything about whether the games will be physical products.

          They've said in interviews before that they're not going to abandon physical media simply because they have to do business in parts of the world where the infrastructure isn't up to fully digital distribution.

            This is why I don't think Microsoft will do it despite the rumours.

      Well, it seems the used games question has been answered.

    the obsession on streaming gaming from this release has made me fear the worse in terms of always online DRM and moving towards download only games/new games only, something that Australian internet is not ready for and something i REALLY dont want.
    If the job of this release to create hype, IMO its done the exact opposite because the only good parts were on the games, some if not all will be on other consoles.

    No image of console is meh to me. It will be a box with USB inputs for periphials, and HDMI/Componant outputs. Design is not much nowadays. Do you choose your DVD player on its look? or the capability of it reading disks smoothly and internet features etc?

    My concern is the controller sharing. What is stopping the person you let to share your controller from having 3rd party software to hack the contents of your PS4. Its just the PS3 hacking all over again.

    Other concern is the automatically putting shit on my console (aka tivo). Aussie internet is not great for this. Maybe in 5 years.... better be an option to turn automatic suggested downloads off.

    I don't want to share.... What happens to HOME? why must i have friends

      Home remains the bad joke it had always been.

    On the bright side :/
    Mike Griffin wrote an excellent comment on Gamasutra that is really worth reading. Thanks for dragging me from he depths Mike :P
    Mike Griffin
    20 Feb 2013 at 6:20 pm PST

    I'm quite impressed by the RAM. It's clear that a lot of PC users don't fully grasp the upgrade here.
    That's 8GB of _GDDR5_ memory, folks. That's 8 gigs of ridiculous, traditionally GPU-only memory being used for the entire unified memory architecture of the console. That's pretty amazing, and clearly of great importance to the PS4's seamless suspend and resume feature.
    But let's consider game performance. 8GB of unified system RAM in GDDR5 form is sweet. Besides a tiny element of hardcore PC users with add-in PCIE hybrid RAM, nobody is currently gaming with a PC that has anywhere close to comparable memory architecture speeds.
    It's also sort of tragic to read so many comments on various sites from PC users unimpressed by the number itself, the 8GB. "Dude, I have 16 gigs of RAM! My PC is better!" (or nonsense like, "It's an X86 processor, those can't use more than 3GB of RAM!" Yeah, maybe on a PC ten years ago.) I don't think PC guys grasp how insane of a jump that is on console, or how console RAM usage (and console OS footprint) varies dramatically from a bloated PC environment. Consoles are designed to be muscle cars optimized for gaming and media, not to serve the same multi-tasking/multi-service memory-hogging functions of a Windows gaming rig.
    Nor do these PC users realize that very few games released on PC today will actually use all of their RAM. Very few PC games are fully optimized to use more than 4GB of system RAM, and recent graphics intensive titles are hungry for VRAM, like video cards with 2GB of speedy GDDR5 memory. 8GB is a crapload of RAM for a dedicated games console in 2013, and specifically the type of RAM being used is very impressive.
    With the PS4 and next Xbox sporting similar CPU/GPU 8-core combo chips, I'm expecting Durango to match the PS4's system memory size, but very curious to see if it competes with the zippy GDDR5 spec and memory architecture.
    It's very likely that this unified memory is directly related to the ATI/AMD CPU-GPU set, meaning the next Xbox will sport the same RAM type. Or this could be a custom addition by Sony engineers to -- as mentioned -- support the suspend/resume feature.
    The PS4 opts for custom chips to offload streaming and video overhead, so their choice of memory could be another proprietary necessity in the spec. In any case, that's pretty nice future proofing in that part of the console's spec, at least.
    Compared to the PS3's wonky bi-directional mix of 256 XDR + 256 GDDR3, the memory size and bandwidth increase in the PS4 is a massive, seriously next-gen leap. The funny "Supercharged PC" claim isn't too far off the mark, for now.
    $400 bucks for a basic set sounds about right at launch.

    Last edited 21/02/13 2:03 pm

      Well, I just wrote out a reply to this and Kotaku swallowed it by logging me out before I hit submit, then stopped me from getting it back again. Madface.

      Mike's assessment of GDDR5 is a bit oversimplified, and he misses some key points.

      Firstly, they've said the CPU is x86 but I've not seen if they've said x86-32 or x86-64. If it is indeed a 32-bit CPU, they'll have addressable space issues unless they partition the memory into different segments for different tasks. That'd be a vast improvement over the PS3's memory architecture, but it comes with its own set of problems and it's arguably worse than standard PC architecture.

      Secondly, the GDDR5 is based on DDR3 and shares a lot in common with it. One area where it differs is channel size. DDR3 can operate on data at any whole divisor of its bus width (128 bit for dual channel, 256 bit for quad channel) but GDDR5 operates at a fixed channel width of 32-bit (or 16-bit in clamshell mode, which I doubt they'll use). That aligns questionably with the CPU's register width (which we don't know for sure yet), but that's not the main concern. GDDR5 has been tested on PCs before as main system RAM with less than stellar results. The problem is latency. Sure, GDDR5 has up to twice the bandwidth of DDR3 available to it, but it gets that bandwidth at the cost of a severe increase in latency, in the order of 4-8 times depending on the type of operations being performed. That's why it makes excellent GPU RAM, where the GPU makes a huge number of buffered calculations per second ahead of when it needs it and in parallel where it often doesn't care which calculation is completed first), but less-than-excellent CPU RAM, where the CPU makes a more moderate number of atomic calculations per second.

      I had a third point in my original post but now I've forgotten what it was. Damn you Kotaku comment system!

      Anyway, point is that GDDR5 RAM isn't automatically super-awesome, as Mike seems to be suggesting. There are reasons it's been exclusively in the domain of graphics memory until now, and it isn't a matter of cost or quality. To get efficient performance out of GDDR5 system RAM, Sony is going to need to do some pretty detailed work on the controller and bridge architecture, and no matter what it's going to change the way developers approach basically all process calculations in a way that, depending on how well designed the end hardware is, could be considerably counter-intuitive. So yes, it's a significant improvement over PS3 architecture and its horrible memory distribution, but it remains to be seen if Sony can overcome the performance issues inherent with their hardware choices, and whether developers can successfully work within the bounds of high-latency memory.

        Thank god someone pointed out that using GDDR as system memory actually causes a decrease in performance over using DDR because the type of input / output of a CPU is different to that of a GPU.

        I don't know how some of these IT "journalists" get jobs.

        Sony's press release (not the info in the launch event) confirmed the APU will be based on Jaguar cores (the successor to Bobcat, due out later this year) which are x86-64.

        Good points. I was personally confusing GDDR with DDR... so in other words, it would be more of an increase in magnitude if the PS4 & Xbox720 had DDR4 - which will be released commercially in the next couple of months for PC systems.
        Thanks for the Clarification. (Moar!)
        Will be great to see what Carmack, has to say about the new systems as well!

        Though I still think Mike makes a good point on the subject of console bashing.

    EBGames already has stuff up for PS4:

      hahahah check the price......

        I could buy another two graphics cards for that price...

          i could get a whole awesome computer for that price (no screen, speakers etc.)

    anyone else amazingly underwhelmed with this?

    Its pretty much a beast of a console with absolutely nothing new..........yet

      I dont know what you would expect? Want it to incorporate some stupid gimmick like the Wii mote? All motion based? Want it top wipe your ass for you?

        gee man, calm down.

        WiiU gamepad is amazing.

        Well a new share button has pretty much been done by nintendo wiiU, the wand thing that came out a while back is pretty much a wiimote. They just don't have innovation. Which is totally fine is you just want power. Even then i would suggest a pc is a better option.

      It has it's own gamepad with the Vita.

      But it's introduced social integration, streaming. These are new features. What else do you want?
      Last I checked, it plays games so it meets the whole point of it's existence.

        once again, a nintendo copy....just saying, no innovation

          Yeah it was touted from the PSP before that too.

    Personally I'm still waiting for a console developer to support multiple displays e.g. two TV's using two players with dedicated screens on one console. What about using multiple displays for a single player as well? I have over 8 displays all capable of taking a PS4 or xbox next output. Let me have friends or family play with me without having to suffer split screen. Let us use the multiple displays we all have these days too. Seemed like a no brainer to me...

      Sure if you want the console to split it's rendering ability across 2 displays, sounds amazing

        isn't 3D technically rendering two screens at once?

        i'd say it's entirely possible this generation could support something like that, not sure if it'd actually happen though.

          If the rumoured 4K native resolution for the console is true, it's fairly unlikely to support multiple monitors. It takes quite a lot of processing power to handle the 4K resolution as it stands.

    It took Sony five years to come up with a mid-range PC.


      Yet it took you less than a day to embarrass yourself with a stupid comment.

      The internet salutes you.

        Who says I'm embarrassed? Funny, I don't feel embarrassed. I mean, you might, and you might just be projecting. I can't help you there, I'm sorry.

        There, there. There, there.

    According to the internet, I am supposed to hate this console and wish Sony would die for the following reasons:
    - no console shown
    - no price
    - no release date
    - no annoucement of bluray drive
    - no details on PSN accounts
    - no details on PS Plus
    - no shiny pictures of box art
    - no mention of used games
    - no "killer app" games announced
    - no exclusive third party titles announced
    - the controller apparently "sucks" (so many people have already used it apparently)
    - no backwards compatibility with PS3/PS2/PS1/PSP/PSVita games
    - another "shooting" and "driving" game demoed
    - Diablo 3 is coming and apparently its supposed to be a universe wide PC exclusive
    - its ONLY got 8Gb of DDR5 RAM (my sister's friends cousins brother has a laptop with 64Gb on DDR7 RAM, true story, so apparently this console is already dated)
    - its basically a low-end PC from 1998
    - its from an evil Japanese company

    I mean, this is what the internet is telling me - and no-one has ever over-reacted or said stupid things on the internet (I did today on a thread on this website!) - but there is one part of me - you know the free-will part that allows me to have my own opinion, that is secret excited about it

    According to the internet I have to go and execute him

    God forbid Sony could leave "some" information for E3 - its not like Microsoft will tell us EVERYTHING about their next console at its launch event

    CTFD Internet

      The RAM is GDDR5, not DDR5. There's a fairly significant difference between the two and GDDR5 isn't arbitrarily better. I went into more detail in a post above, if you're interested.

      DDR7? DDR4 isn't even released yet!

    I posted this in another comments thread, but did anyone else notice they've dropped the "Select" button for an "Options" button? Straight up changing the paradigm right there.

      screw the touchscreen and share button, that's the biggest change to the controller!

    People, the BluRay drive is in the console, the system will play BD and DVD (assuming CDs also), the press release confirms both BD and DVD (read only) ability.

    So I'm seeing that many people hate the new Playstation because its better so the social protocol is to hate it to be part of the social convention of gamers to not be left out. I'm a robot and I'm still learning the human social structure.

    Gotta hand it to you Sony, making a console so advanced that it is invisible!

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