This Is How To Avoid Paying Microtransactions In Dead Space 3

Via GameFront, here's how to take advantage of an exploit to farm unlimited resources in horror-survival game Dead Space 3, which came out yesterday for Xbox 360 and PS3.

This, of course, means you won't have to pay for microtransactions in the new EA-published game, which features an adorable scavenger robot that will take your money in exchange for better weapons. If you have the patience to farm forever, you can get the best weapons without shelling out any extra cash.

And I suppose it begs the question: is it unethical to take advantage of a glitch in order to avoid paying for downloadable content? I guess that's up to you.

Dead Space 3 Unlimited Resource Farming Glitch [YouTube]


    "EA announces Dead Space 3 patch"

    Better question is it unethical to charge players for things that have traditionally been unlocked via real progression.

      Yes, bang on the money! If there's a 'moral issue' here, this is it.

    Jesus, no, of course it's not unethical.

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    It took them 6-12 months to patch Battlefield 3 into shape... what's the bet that they get THIS issue patched within 24 hours?

      I'll be surprised if it isn't patched in 3 hours.

    For EA to charge microtransactions for in-game benefits, it would be unethical for them to remove means of farming our way around this system. It would be akin to them forcing people to pay money for upgrade packs in ME3 multiplayer instead of letting us earn in-game credits.

    So I hope this "glitch" is never removed. That would be the unethical part.

    Just FYI - I've read that A) it already has been patched, but B) you can simply play online up until the chapter in question, delete your Xbox cache in system settings (which removes game updates), C) exploit the bug mercilessly offline and then D) re-downloading the patch and continuing merrily online.

    In other words, unless I'm mistaken, the exploit will always exist for those willing to use a cunning ploy to 'Robin Hood' their money back off EA.

      That should work. It's a common way to boost or whatever for achievements after an exploit has been patched out. If I remember right you can do it in the original Dead Space to access an unlimited node exploit.
      It'll be interesting to see if they pursue it further this time. Normally they patch it out and that's good enough, but this time I wouldn't be shocked if they monkey with save files to detect if you're doing that.

        Oh goodness. Don't type that too loudly. We don't want to give those nefarious devils any ideas.

          I think it's safe to say they've already considered it. Hell, I'm sort of surprised there wasn't something in place to screw everyone in the event something like this happened.
          I just feel sorry for the testers. By piracy logic they now owe EA millions in 'lost' sales.

    I'm avoiding the microtransactions by not buying the game! The best protest you can make.

      But apparently the kids these days won't buy it if it DOESN'T have microtransations. You know, like all those cool iPhone games have.

      "There are action game fans, and survival horror game fans, who are 19 and 20, and they've only played games on their smartphones, and micro-transactions are to them a standard part of gaming. It's a different generation. So if we're going to bring those people into our world, let's speak their language"

        Ugh. Man, listen. If you want to make more money, make more money. Whatever. But don't piss in my mouth and tell me it's raining. - Gabe at

        They quoted the same thing in the first panel.

        We should not be bringing these people into our world, we should be quarantining them to prevent further spread of their madness and hopefully reeducating them about the definition of fun.

    Really, you are all beginning to sound like those old ladies that ring up and complain about boobies and violence on TV. And what do you usually tell those old prudes "If you don't like it change the bloody channel, no ones is making you watch it. Ditto for microtransactions, you don't have to buy them, no one is forcing you, the game is still playable without them.

    I'm going to stop and point out that these are micro transactions. They are the exact same thing that PC games have used for YEARS. I can remember playing some free to play game which you could pay to get the best robots in the game that you use to get an advantage over other players. I mean damn, how many 'free' Facebook games or iPhone apps are there that do the same thing??? What is so bad about this? It's an OPTION. It's not like EA are saying that you HAVE to get this, but if your willing to pay a little more, then they are going to give it to you.

    In any case, it's not like you are missing out of anything if you don't. Not buying the game isn't a real protest. Buying the game and not buying any of the micro transactions is. EA will see that their customers arn't getting these 'upgrades', and won't use it for future games. It is an interesting experiment by EA however, so I'll give them props for that.

    As for the glitch, well that's up to you. You are playing the game to get virtual money to get the upgrades, so if you are willing to put in the time in the game then I don't have a problem with it personally. It's once again the same as any other micro transaction game. Put in the time, and you can get it. Don't want to? Then pay a couple of bucks and you can skip it.

      Do you get dental at EA? What's the cafeteria like?

      Man, I feel old now. I've been playing games without micro-transactions for decades. Just because everyone else is doing it, it doesn't make it an acceptable thing and the sooner people start realising it, the better.

      The glitch itself is relatively harmless, especially since it's a single or co-op multiplayer game. It's not like boosting in Battlefield 3 where it affects the balance of the game, it's just a shortcut to save some time farming. If EA were not intending to force people to use the microtransaction system through inconvenience, there would have been no reason for them to fix this up so fast.

      Microtransactions in a free to play game or a game that's a $1 is fine and dandy.

      Microtransactions in a game that costs $100, hard to say it's not a dick move. It's not like they are discounting the price via Microtransactions.

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      Agree totally. People don't have to partake. More options are never a bad thing. Micro transactions are here because they've been proven to work (on some level anyway) so, they're here to stay. Don't like it? Don't pay for it.

      It's called free will. Exercise it.

    "take advantage of an exploit"

    "Is it unethical to take advantage of a glitch in order to avoid paying for downloadable content?"

    Serious or just trolling?

    It's illegal for a start... the very definition of fraud is to take benefit through an act of deception or an act that contravenes laws or contractual agreements. So this is fraud.. and is fraud unethical? You bet it is.

    You might hate EA (I do too!!).. you might find their methods are wrong and so on.. but that doesn't give you the right to steal from them..

      Was it unethical to do it in the original Dead Space? You could get unlimited money and nodes via bug exploitation (plus a few via one off cheat codes). I'd argue that ruins the fun of the game, much like buying them with real cash, but I wouldn't call it unethical. The only difference now is that in Dead Space 3 EA is offering the option, and they stress the word option, of buying that stuff quickly and easily via their marketplace.
      You're not paying for the item you're paying for the item to be placed in your hands. It's no more unethical than being good enough at the game that you don't need the items.

    vote with your wallet. If you don't buy it they might consider a different way to earn revenue.

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