This Lady Has Awful Timing For Game Hardware Shopping

This Lady Has Awful Timing For Game Hardware Shopping

Hours ago in Japan, Sony slashed the Vita’s price tag. Good news for gamers who haven’t purchased a Vita yet! Bad news for gamers who just purchased one.

After learning of the Vita’s price cut, Voice actress Hitomi Harada tweeted, “Wha…” This was followed by her writing, “I bought a Vita three days ago…”

This isn’t a first for Harada, who is known known for voicing characters in Dream Club and Senran Kagura. As someone pointed out to her on Twitter, back in 2009, she purchased an Xbox 360, right before the price was lowered in Japan. Doh!

原田ひとみ、Xbox 360に続いてPS Vitaも値下げ直前に購入する [おたスケ]


      • Apple will upgrade you or partial refund if you buy just before an announcement. It actually works in their favour because people don’t hold off their purchases.

        I wouldn’t expect it though – if the device was worth what you paid for it, then it’s irrational to get shirty about a subsequent price drop.

      • Some stores actually let you return the product one month after you bought it – if you got screwed over because they just launched a new product update. And they also have 14day return policy.

  • This happens to everyone in some way or another whether it be consoles or kitchen appliances but as the saying goes: ‘No use crying over spilt milk.’

  • Guaranteed that every time you look up the price of some electronic item you’ve recently bought, you’re going to be able to find it cheaper.

  • Don’t sweat it.
    Like others mentioned, prices go down all the time.
    If you buy it, it means you’ve ‘accepted’ the price at that point in time. You know it’ll go lower, but you want it ‘now’.

  • Happens to me almost every major tech purchase.. I’ve had it happen within hours of purchase.. 3 days is a long time by comparison. As khort says.. that’s how it goes.. but when it’s a mere few hours (or in this case 3 days), there is no denying that it definitely stings a little.

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