This Live-Action Wreck-It Ralph Video Is Scarily Well Made

I didn't really think Wreck-it Ralph needed a live action interpretation but now that we have it, I'm happy it was made. This is actually really fantastic stuff, with some high end production values. The guy who plays Ralph is right on the money. In fact, everyone is. Top notch stuff!

And while we're all here — what did you all think of Wreck-it Ralph? I've heard some niggling criticisms, particularly with the second half of the movie, but I enjoyed it start to finish for what it was — a really well made animated feature flick that pays homage to gaming in a truly reverential way. I think most people expected it to be jam packed with game references from start to finish, but movies don't work that way!

Anyways, I'll stop my rambling. Enjoy the video!


    I enjoyed all of it :)
    I loved the little references all throughout (the Nintendo ones were great too)

    This live action, while I think is probably not needed haha but not a bad effort :)

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    What was the criticism of the second half if you don't mind me asking? Everyone that I know absolutely loved it start to finish!

      It started off really strong, lots of game jumping and video game references. Then they got to Sugar Rush and all the video game jokes were swapped out for candy jokes, and there weren't any more references or really creative stuff like that powerboard. It just turned into a (albeit very good) kids flick at that point.

        That was my thought too - not enough game jumping in the second half. It didn't make it a bad film by any stretch, but it was promising at something better.

        Pretty much this ^ good movie, but lost traction as soon as it hit sugar rush

    The setup is great and the references give the story a real place to exist, the Sugar Rush wears off quick though and the second act drags on. Vanellope is annoying, I didn't really like the character.. The finale pulls it all together wonderfully though.

    Wow, all of those likenesses are spot on!

    I thought it was the best thing I'd ever seen and pretty much yelled as much at everyone I talked to after seeing it.

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