This Person Sniped A Chopper In Battlefield 3 Using Only A Magnum. Awesome.

Props to sSantzuu here, who does some major work with his sidearm in the video above — look at how he takes down a chopper at long range. Crazy stuff.

Sniping people with things other than sniper weapons is definitely one of my favourite things to do in Battlefield games, so I imagine pulling this off must've felt fantastic.

Battlefield 3 - Epic magnum snipe [sSantzuu]


    The fact that the chopper explodes and he got what appeared to be about 10 "destroyed explosives" points, it looks like the chopper was covered in C4?

      There may have been C4 from the enemies on the chopper, and would have shot those which registered as his kill. A .44 Magnum will still take the rights to the kill when shooting C4.

        Yeah I did the same thing to a Jihad jeep once that was coming right for me, anyway the fact that the chopper was at long rang and He didn't give the target any vertical lead to allow for bullet drop screams aimbot to me.

          I agree with Boomzzilla the final shot snaps into position of the helicopter, defiantly using some sort of aim assistants. Still a pretty good shot even with it

    I did something similar in Halo Reach but it took an etire clip of magnum ammo...

    How the hell is he hitting that target at that range? Bullet drop would mean he would have to aim well above the damn thing.

      Video games.

        Battlefield is one of the video games that bothers to simulate bullet drop.

        Bullet drop is a factor in BF3, you tend to notice it only with sniper rifles but you have to adjust for range.

      Yeah, that seems a bit sus to me. Maybe the magnum is powerful enough that the bullet only drops a little at that range? I'm bad at the game and don't play much so I still haven't unlocked it.

      Also, reply fail

        I don't really use the magnum - but with sniper rifles at that range you have to aim above the target so there's no way in hell a handgun round is flying flat at that range.

        I.e. I think this is faked.

    Yeah, that seems a bit sus to me. Maybe the magnum is powerful enough that the bullet only drops a little at that range? I'm bad at the game and don't play much so I still haven't unlocked it.

    Edit: I missed the reply button.

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    I know it's just a game and real physics doesn't apply but IF they did that in real life the bullet wouldn't even reach that far or the velocity wouldn't have enough energy to do serious damage. That's why we play video games to escape reality and do things we can't do or be in real life.

    Way to help out the team, sitting on a rock, nowhere near the objectives, trying to be a youtube hero...

    Only problem is some people think that this is actually on some level even partially "realistic" due to "bulletdrop" and other half assed crap.

    Once upon a time there were two multiplayer games vying for market domination. One promised an exhilarating but comparatively feature less deathmatch type experience, the other a more complex, larger, more varied experience with multiple modes and even vehicles. They were quake and unreal....At least they went all the way with the fanciful approach and made it over the top, ridiculous,
    manic and ultimately fun. Modern Warfare and Battlefield are just the same games, reskinned in brown with massive dollops of real world pretension and none of the fun. I've shot alot of the weapons in the game for real. Big yawn.

      You for real? Battlefield is large, has jets, vehicles, licensed weapons, more players, greater reality, realistic graphics. How can you call it the same as COD when there is no comparison in the two except for being a shooter. I could get away comparing Gran Torusimo with F1 Racers with the exact same metaphor you are using. Your bewildered by your own facts. How is BF3 over the top? It's not a regular gamer is easily able to fly a jet or drive a tank whilst seamingly switching between them, if you can't then you really should find another kind of game. Rayman good enough for you?

      Also before COD and BF you had Counter strike and after that MOH which for the majority of the time was hugely popular in comparison to other games including the original CODs.

      Battlefield has been designed to be realistic to a point in which its fun but still has a base of reality to it. It's does that we'll, very well.

      Also in reply to this asking about the magnum. I have been using it for a couple days and yes it has bullet drop. I also believe the YouTube videos player has a aimbot on,

        Sorry mate, Waldo hits the nail on the head, seriously if you have the chance to grab a 50 cal sniper rifle in RL, do yourself a favour. Run as fast as you can and shoot a target 20mtrs in front from the hip whilst jumping at the same time. AND please film it and put it on youtube, you wll become most famous and most likely put in hospital for a bit to. BF3 has a minimal base of reality to it, they all have, except for Arma, but even still that is nowhere near close. I HAVE shot a 44 magnum in RL. Not once or twice, as in I own one and i'm a member at a pistol club and this shot IS impossible even if you did manage to place the round on the target at that range it, (at best), will place a crack in the glass and thats about it... I love playing BF3 with friends, and thats as far as the "FUN" goes because when all this BS starts to fly, realism goes out the window and I lose interest, but i like realism lol.. :P

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