This R18+ Game Was Once 'Cancelled' -- It's Now 'Un-Cancelled'

It was supposed to be cancelled. All mentions of the game were removed from publisher Deep Silver's website. But now Ride to Hell, a game that explores biker culture in the late 1960s, has just received an R18+ classification and, according to the local Australian distributors, is set for release later this year on PC, 360 and PS3.

Ride to Hell follows one man as he returns from Vietnam to find America in cultural upheaval. It features a non-linear open world game with 95 square kilometres of space to explore and is said to feature "[h]igh impact sexual references and drug references", resulting in the game receiving an adult classification.

Strangely some sites reported that Ride to Hell had been cancelled, but we have confirmed locally that the classification is legitimate and Ride to Hell will be released here in Australia. There is no fixed date as of yet, but it should be released at some point in 2013.

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    I had never even heard of this game but being "uncancelled" as a result of the R18+ rating sure has my attention.

    That, and the concept seems interesting too, now that I know the game exists. I wonder if it'll take any inspiration from Easy Rider?

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      I don't think the R18+ rating had anything to do with the "un-cancelling" of the game. It got un-cancelled, then it got an R18+ rating. Two separate events.

        I know, it's just funny timing. My post was mostly tongue-in-cheek.


    Follow my bot guys for up to the minute classification info in Aus, @ausvgclass

    That screenshot looks like a mod for GTA or something

      I was thinking 'Red Dead Redemption' with bikes instead of horses as soon as I saw the thumbnail...

    um what?
    that's bigger than red dead redemption, gta IV, and san andreas combined.

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      Depends what the developer means by it. 95 sq. km is a bit smaller then 95km^2.

        What on earth have you been smoking?

        95 sq. km and 95 km^2 are exactly the same thing. Are you thinking of 95^2?

          Yes. Yes I am. I typed that in a rush on my phone and didn't worry myself with such things as my post making any goddamn sense.

      Ok cool., thanks. it just doesn't sound big.. maybe the article could have compared that size to other games rather than letting users like you pick up the slack :)

        I only remembered the size comparison because it's roughly the same size as what GTA V is expected to be.

    I remember hearing about this at some stage and thinking it sounded cool, but then it kinda dropped off the face of the earth. Don't even recall hearing it were cancelled. If it is actually coming out then great!

    Can anyone please explain to an illiterate why the h is in brackets for the word [h]igh. I can never understand why this is done.

      it shows that they haven't directly quoted that phrase - it was most likely "High impact..." but they changed the capital H to a lower-case h so it flows in the sentence.

    Somebody get us a soundtrack listing, pronto!

      I didn't even think about the prospects of scoring a game set in Vietnam-era USA... they'd have to put in overtime screwing it up for it to be at all lacklustre.

    Ughm... Didn't Deep Silver acquire Saints Row from the THQ sale?

    Maybe the Saints Row engine is what revitalized this game?

    There was some gameplay footage released back in 2009 before the game was put on indefinite hiatus. It looks like GTA: The Lost and the Damned if it were set in the 60s. Given Lost and Damned was released in early 2009, that might have something to do with the game being delayed.

    YESSSSSSS!!!! I was disappointed when I didn't hear from this game after reading about it years ago. Great to see that they've completed it and it's almost got a release date.

    One thing's for sure, the Aus police are not going to like this game, considering how much they hate biker culture. This game is going to be contraversial.

    Nobody name dropping Hell's Angels? (The Hunter S Thompson book)
    That's the first thing I thought of anyways..

    I have no idea about this game except this very article. I have to say, the premise sounds rock solid.

    Do want! This is now firmly on my radar for later in the year.

    Who cares if it's controversial, it's been classified for ADULTS ONLY. So if people don't like it, tough shit. If people buy it for their kids, tough shit.

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