This Week Crysis 3 Will Beat Up Your PC

Well this week is a big one. I though that Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was coming out this week, but that's next week. Seems like the big ones have done a decent job of giving each other room to breathe in February. This week the spotlight shines upon Crysis 3.

Chaos On Deponia (PC)

What is it? A gorgeous looking point and click adventure game that may have flown under your radar. Should you care? I hear a lot of people complaining there aren't enough point and click adventures, and a lot of folks lamenting the death of the genre. Why not support this game? It's good.

City Builder (PC)

What is it? I know very little about this and it's actually pretty difficult to find out info. City Builder is a construction management game that actually appears to be pretty in-depth. Should you care? Hard to recommend this when the incredible looking Sim City is just around the corner.

Crysis 3 (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's Crysis 3 ya dingus! The game busting bullying your PC and beating it into submission. Should you care? You know, I've always been a fan of Crysis. Not necessarily because it looks good, which it does, but because it does a great job of making players feel powerful and giving them combat options. I expect much the same from Crysis 3.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires (PS3)

What is it? It's a new Dynasty Warriors game with an all new subtitle! It's a PS3 exclusive. Should you care? You know, the last time I slagged off Dynasty Warriors I got a lot of stick in the comments. If you folks are still into, that's fine by me. But I haven't enjoyed a Dynasty Warriors game since the PS2.

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (360/PS3/Wii U)

What is it? A new game based on the anime IP which popularised the phrase 'you are already dead'. Should you care? Well, apparently, this game plays a little like Dynasty Warriors!

March of the Eagles (PC)

What is it? A strategy war game set during the Napoleonic wars. Should you care? Not too sure about this one. Very little info out there and I haven't played it. Don't intend to either.

Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)

What is it? Ah, this is that JRPG everyone's talking so much about! Should you care? Everyone I know who is into JRPGs is absolutely gushing over this. Gushing. So yeah, I guess you should care.

Super House of Dead Ninjas (PC)

What is it? With a name like Super House of Dead Ninjas, this game really should have been released on the SNES! Apparently this is a pretty nifty retro-style 2D action platformer. Should you care? This has gone under my radar but it's apparently really good!


    I really want to get Crysis 3, but not at the cost of having to use Origin.

      I feel the same way, but I'm weak enough that I got it anyway. Now I've got three games on there! (BF3, Crysis 2 and 3)

      When Crysis 2 Maximum Edition came to Steam I re-bought it, just so I could have it on Steam. Steam is my BFF. Origin is just the unpopular kid I only hang out with because he has a toy I want to play with.

        you could not have worded Origin any better. "the unpopular kid I only hang out with because he has a toy I want to play with". thats gold.
        im the same, only have BF3 on it.

      We get it you hate origin. Don't need to put a hate post on every crysis 3 article.

        I don't need to… but I want to.

          You can always complain directly to ea instead of trying to get attention here kotaku. You are becoming those whiny kids about online DRM. I know you are better than that.

            Calling somebody a whiny kid? You're being a bit condescending and mean, and I know you are better than that. :P

            I'm glad you don't mind Origin, but I don't like it, and while it doesn't keep me up at night there's nothing wrong with venting about how useless Origin is in the comments section of an article about an Origin exclusive game.

            Have you noticed that every publisher/developer and their dog are putting out their own distribution platforms? Imagine when you have to have dozens of different bloatware DRM platforms running on your machine in the future just so you can play certain games, each one requiring a separate login/password, each with their own friends lists, marketplaces and currency points and other garbage which doesn't actually improve your life at all.

            I actually slightly prefer Steam to even non-DRM version like GOG, just because it's convenient. That's a personal preference - I know some people hate it because it's still DRM and can have issues, all of which is perfectly reasonable criticism - but surely we can agree that it's better than having multiple distribution platforms, each with their own exclusives and overheads?

            Last edited 18/02/13 2:25 pm


              I absolutely support your points but there is really nothing we can do except whining anyway XD. I'm sure the main 2 reason why Origin was created were the patching system and also the profit share that steam gets for selling on Steam.

              I remember they had that issue when Crysis 2 was announced as well due to some patch applying issue and Steam had to pull off Crysis 2.

              Well ubisoft... their DRM was always horrible anyway. At least they dropped off their DRM now.

              My favourite publisher is CD Projekt RED. Make bloody awesome games and treat gamers like how it should be treated.

    Sucks that rising was bumped to next week but atleast Persona 4 Golden will now have its Australian release.

    I really don't get the hate for Origin, it works flawlessly for me every time I play BF3, and it's also worked perfectly for NFS:Most Wanted and Kingdoms of Amalur.

    Sure, their sale prices could barely be called sale prices, but Steam's pretty bad sometimes too.

      I think it's more of a objection to not being able to access their games on the more popular Steam program.

      Especially since Origin was obviously setup to avoid having to rely on steam to publish and maintain games but EA have every right to do that.

        I'll be playing Crysis 3, but I won't be buying it... Purely because Origin lacks the ability to install games to multiple directories.

        I have Origin on my OS/SSD drive so I can get 9 second load times on BF3 as opposed to 40 or more on a mechanical... But I don't want any other games on it.

        I am already annoyed enough that I had to put the Sim City beta on it. I don't have the space for anything else until Origin implements required features.

        That's really my only Origin complaint.

          Crysis 3 is exactly the sort of game you should be putting on your SSD.

            Load times in single player games mean nothing to me, and I have no interest in its multiplayer mode.

            Plus, as mentioned, I don't have the space for it.
            I eventually want a bigger SSD specifically for games, but I'm waiting for the price to come down a little... or more realistically, when I do my next 'ground-up' PC build some time after ARMA III reduces my current PC to a crying teenage girl who just broke up with her first boyfriend.

          Seems like it would have been a better idea to install Origin itself onto a mechanical, install BF3 then move it to the SSD and use a symlink with mklink /d .

          But from memory, I thought you could specify the install dir?

            You can, but you can't install games to different directories (like you can with Steam), which is what I want to do.

            I want my multiplayer games on the SSD, and other games on mechanical.

      Origin could be great, I honestly have no idea. I just don't want to have to manage another damned account for a DRM system.

      It's because EA is the devil and Gaben is e-jesus. It just seems to be based on fanboyism, with a little bit of it being based on the fact that Origin can be buggy from time to time. (I've had more problems with Steam than Origin though.)
      They're getting better at their sales too. They've got an up to 70% off sale going right now (most stuff is about 50% off though) which isn't too bad. For example, the Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection (17 games) for $20.

        Eh, fanboyism might be a part of it for some. I hate steam, frankly, but it's the least-shitty option for me.

    I thought Chaos on Deponia had been out on PC for a few months now, especially since I bought it during the Christmas sale, or is this the hard copy version?

    It sucks that they've been playing switcheridoo with release dates. I was looking forward to hack'n'slash with Raiden this week. *frownieface*

    March of the Eagles! :D

    Love Paradox Strategy games, and like other grand strat fans, we are all being like children on the night before Christmas waiting for Europa Universalis 4 out later in the year and March of the Eagles appears to be a neat little hold over game in the mean time.

    Persona 4 Golden gave me a reason to dust off my Vita - its is incredible, im so addicted to it - a must buy for all Vita owners - you wont regret!

    Anyone else in Australia find Origin is super slow these days?

    I'm in inner city Melbourne with optus cable. I used to get 3.4 mb/s on it. Now i'm lucky to get 200kb/s.

    That is my biggest origin complaint. I've been pre-loading crysis 3 for over 24 hours so far. Currently it's at 46kb/s.

    I'm sorry but this is pathetic for an online distribution platform.

      yea your not the only one, last time i install sims 3 from it it took less than 30minutes at 10megabytes per second(cable on the GC), this time it took 30 minutes just to hit 3% its really slow, they should fix that

    I'm looking forward to playing Crysis 3, mainly to see how much it will test my new PC. Not a big fan of Origin but I still use it even after I had my account hacked by some Russian mob.

    I dont think EA has been very truthful about the Origin account hacks as it must of been a breach on their end as so many user's had accounts stolen. Lucky I got mine back, but I will never use it for anything but BF3 and Crysis 3.

    I just upgraded my 930 to a 3930k to get the most out of my 2 7970s.... I will be beating Crysis 3.

    Uhh... Let's just say I work for a retailer and received an internal email earlier today indicating the release date for Revengeance mirrors that of Crysis 3, is it mistaken?

      It got a last minute delay late last week it was pushed till the 26th

        Really? Link?

          Its always happens with games from konami, happend last year with MGS HD and neverdead and the year before with Castlevania

          Last edited 18/02/13 3:00 pm

            Yeah I just checked this and had to update our site. Lucky I'm on here instead of doing the job I'm paid for :P

    It's not just EA unfortunately -Steam
    - Uplay
    -Rockstar social club

    Then I've got things like capsule and the GOG launcher and then there are the games that want more than one DRM system like GTA4, not to mention older disc based games with starforce and horrible stuff like that.

    Why can't they all just use one system.

      Royalties for using someone else's platform and the ability to promote your own content. That's why they won't use one system.

      you can bypass gfwl with xlive.dll on steam version afaik - gta4

      Last edited 19/02/13 1:18 am

    Why do people keep writing things like "Crysis will Eat your PC" If it can run on an xbox 360 it will not be eating mine or anyone else's PC.

    It hasn't eaten our PC's since the original which was a PC exclusive.

      If the multiplayer demo was anything to go by it just might, not to say that it's a graphical tour de force... it looked alright but ran a lot worse than it's contemporaries.

      Not only that crysis 2 took months before being released with a high def texture and DX11 support & with linear levels instead of open world it still looked like poop.

    Crysis 2 didn't have a local only search option (although it wasn't as bad with host selection as every other game on the market) and the Crysis 3 beta didn't have one either (playing people in Spain and US). Until I hear otherwise, I'll let the price drop later this year before picking it up.

    Great week Dynasty warriors, Fist of the north star and crysis 3 all paid off. Shame MGR got delayed

    i agree EA is the devil and im no fan of origin for when you own 200 games on steam last thing you want to do is make another account for your games but crysis 3 will be on my to play list and looking at my PC and this game got nothing to worry about.

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