This Week In Dead Space (And Games)

Aaaaand a fully stacked (bro) February release schedule kicks off strong with Dead Space 3. Next week is when things really ratchet up but, for now — who's picking up what?

BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition

What is it? It's an edition with the first two BioShock's bundled together. It's also a great excuse to play catch up for BioShock Infinite. Should you care? This is a swell little package. BioShock 2 isn't perfect, but the first is arguably the most important game of this generation. Arguably.

Dead Space 3

What is it? Undoubtedly the biggest release this week. Dead Space 2 was a bit of a letdown for me, hope this matches the original. Should you care? Definitely.


What is it? Super mediocre stealth game. Should you care? Nah.

Omerta: City Of Gangsters

What is it? A crazy little strategy game about gangsters. Should you care? Definitely worth looking at as a curiousity, but I hear it's pretty terrible.


    Omerta isn't terrible, well not in my opinion and not yet as far as I am into it

    @markserrels - what didn't you like about Dead Space 2? I really liked both and I enjoyed 2 a bit more. It was more action than survival horror though, but the game felt better.

    Absolutely no interest in Dead Space 3 though. I haven't looked into it much but just eh... it's on the "I'll get it when it's cheap" list.

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      I really liked Dead Space.

      Couldnt stand Dead Space 2.
      For a title that was marketed as survival horror, there wasnt anything scary about it. it was just jump scares, telegraphed like crazy. every time you saw a vent on a wall, you know somethings gonna jump out of it when you walk past.
      & without the proper scary atmosphere of Dead Space 1, it was just a RE4 wannabe.
      Also, I dont think they didnt expand the world in any meaningful way. sure, they just made the story more complicated, but they sure as hell didnt make it any more interesting.

        I never really thought of Dead Space to be survival horror, just seemed too actiony for me. I didn't really follow 2 either so wasn't sure what it was marketed like but I just liked the design a bit more as it got rid of most of the backtracking 1 had.

        1 also had plenty of jump scares which were telegraphed.

          RESIDENT EVIL 2!

            NEVER PLAYED IT! :(

            I should probably play more of 4 too...

    I love Dead Space 1 and thought 2 forgot the feel of the series for the sake of grandeur.
    3 I am on the fence about. All the controversy sounds like a sneaky marketing attempt.
    Played the demo and got annoyed at all the gun smithing and cover based soldier shooting - not dead space at all..
    So I'll wait and see. EA can go to hell of late anyway...

    Slow game week, nothing worth looking at. (own both bioshocks already).

    I didn't know Dead Space 3 was coming out this week. I'm a bit nervous about it. I thought Dead Space 2 ramped up the action while still maintaining a good level of horror, but from what I've seen Dead Space 3 tips that balance too far in favour of action.

    nothing for this week, ill just wait till next week for aliens and maybe fist of the north star 2

    The Skyrim expansion Dragonborn for PC also comes out Wednesday (The 6th) this week. Go revisit Solstheim. Go!

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    Tried to get back into Dead Space 2. Tried to pick up from my old save file, but I'll have to start again... Which probably won't happen, hence no DS3. Oh well.

    I gave up on the DS3 demo, far too shooty and quicktimey and not at all scary like the first one.

    I'll get it at some point just to complete the series, maybe during a lull in other releases when it gets cheaper.

    I've got DS3 preordered. I'm really looking forward to going through the world of unitology this time with a coop twist to it.

    I'm probably gonna skip on Dead Space 3, unless it gets great reviews and fan reactions, or a price drop. A lot of the changes I don't agree with, such as universal ammo (it's the reason why Deus Ex died), co-op (the game is obviously not built around it) and the new weapons system.

    Now while I think there's nothing wrong with the weapon system, even in a survival horror game, it seems far too simplified and all the weapons basically function the same as eash other or as any other shooter out there. The second you find an overpowered, cost effective weapon, you'll never change weapons again. You could argue that the plasma cutter or sawblade were OP weapons that everybody used, but at least you could run out of ammo.

    I really liked Dead Space but I got sidetracked after finding myself stuck about halfway in. Picked up the sequel and always intended to get around to it but wanted to finish the original first. Think I'll skip this one until it's cheap considering.

    I think the best part of the original game was the amazing sound design. The game audio is incredible on a good surround setup.

      Yeah, my headphones breaking have brought my DS2 playthrough to a sudden halt :(

    The moment i saw the micro transactions in DS3, i pulled out. Yes I am aware i don't have to partake in them but i don't like supporting the idea.

      Buying the full game isn't supporting it?

        It's supporting EA, who no doubt forced the MT's into DS3, so bollocks to them.

        My expectation is that even though you don't HAVE to engage in micro-transactions, they'll introduce some other tedium that will make the micro-transaction seem worth it. I felt there were components of ME3 that were intended to make the MP look like a good alternative method for generating galactic readiness.

    I'll definitey get DS3, loved the first 2, but I'm going to wait. The other 2 dropped in price really quick, so I'm going to wait and see if I can get it for less than $25.

    Really loved the first 2. I was crapping myself in the 2nd when I had to go back into the Ishimura. Such a bad situation! :D

    Too immersed in Ni No to worry about anything else atm.

    Dead Space 3 appears to be Origin-only, so it's off my radar.

    You forgot Metal Gear Solid Revengeance! I'll be picking that up for sure.

    Hey Mark, how about a bit more detail than just "Definitely" and "Nah" for the "Should You Care?" part. Check out what Junglist did with this section. This is really shallow and dumbed-down.

    I thought the new Bioshock was coming out this week when I first opened the story :(

    Lucius... didn't I play that a couple of months ago on PC? Or is it being released on a different platform...? I quite enjoyed it - a nice (homocidal) puzzler/adventure game. Or am I thinking of a completely different Lucius...?

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