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Well well well, what do we have here? The game that was supposed to anchor this week's — Aliens: Colonial Marines — has completely gone and broken street date. It's selling everywhere. What else is coming out this week? Well, not much really...

Aliens: Colonial Marines (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's the latest attempt at bringing the Aliens franchise to games. This time Gearbox is behind the wheel and they've done what Gearbox do best — a first person shooter. Should you care? I really wasn't much of a fan when I checked out the game late last year. That said, I only played a couple of levels and plenty of other people seemed to enjoy it. Just felt a little generic to me and that really dampened the impact of the Aliens themselves. Keen to hear everyone else's thoughts so far.

Imagine: Champion Rider 3D (3DS)

What is it? The latest entry into the Imagine serious. Apparently it's the first authentic horse game for the 3DS. I have no real idea what that means... Should you care? Not necessarily targeted at the Kotaku Australia audience. That said, I'm not judging! And it takes all types for all folks.

Impire (PC)

What is it? A 3D RTS that may remind some of Dungeon Keeper, that classic Bullfrog game. Should you care? This is more Logan Booker's thing! Our weekend editor got quite excited after this game was announced. He, quite rightly, questioned the track record of Cyanide, the studio developing the game. They released Blood Bowl which did alright and was received quite well, but they were also behind the pretty average Game of Thrones game that was released recently.

Marvel Avengers: The Battle For Earth (Wii U)

What is it? This was actually a movie tie-in that was released a little late. It was released for the Wii U in December overseas, and for some reason we're just getting it over here now. Should you care? A pretty mediocre game truth be told.

Omerta: City of Gangsters (360)

What is it? This game has been described at XCOM with gangsters. Which sounds awesome on paper... Should you care? Reception has been mixed. Most folks are saying this is a cool idea but poorly executed. Shame.

Power Rangers: Super Samurai

What is it? Man, I don't know. It's a Kinect game and it's almost certainly terrible. Should you care? I'm going to say 'no'.


    Well someone is a big ball of apathy this week, Mr. Serrels :P

    Yeh.. have to say I was disappointed with Omerta.. I was hoping it would be really good but from the average of the reviews I've read, it doesn't seem worth the bother. I don't just read one or two reviews, I check out both media reviews and player reviews.. and for this one, it appears that they've dropped the ball when it comes to everything aside from the strategic combat.

    As for Aliens vs Marines.. I think I'll just go play XCOM instead :)

    Fist of the North Star 2 is also out this week

      Got delayed till the 19th

        It's available right now, isn't it? There's this link, but seeing how they borked the Ni No Kuni release, it might not work.!/en-au/games/addons/fist-of-the-north-star-ken's-rage-2-with-bonus/cid=EP4108-NPEB01276_00-B000000000000274

        Last edited 11/02/13 4:23 pm

    Next week will be epic, Metal gear rising, Crysis 3 and dynasty warriors 7: empires cant wait

    X-Com with Gansters sounds kind of awesome.

    But I think I'll pass.

    Once I get paid on Friday my wife can finally get around to Dead Space 3. I'm personally not fussed. All I ever play is Binding of Isaac anyway.

    Last edited 11/02/13 11:01 am

    "Let's Rock!!!!"

    I've entered about 700 different competitions to win Aliens CM and I'm not even all that interested in the game!

      It's not the prize, it's the winning of competitions. That's the prize.

    I have had mates all over my ass to get DS3, normally a group of eager and willing players will entice me enough to get it, but a strong and apparent "MEH" cuts through all my thoughts regarding DS3. Really liked the first one, 2nd one was only OK, Is it like the 1st one or more in the vain of the 2nd?

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