This Week's iPhone Charts: Come On Baby Tell Me What's The Word?

Word up! After a few short weeks at the top of the free charts, Temple Run 2 takes a backseat to What's the Word?, a word game that uses a set of four pictures as clues. There are two reasons for this.

First off, Temple Run 2 has already been downloaded more than 50 million times across Android and iOS. Everyone has already downloaded it. There are no more people that do not have it. This is one of the big problems with having a popular product — there are only so many people you can sell it to (or give it away to) before you have to start looking off planet.

The other reason is extremely scientific, so try and keep up. What's the Word? is number one on the free app charts because its app icon has a kitten on it. Soon every app icon will, mark my words.

Top Paid iPhone Games — February 5, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 +1
2. Angry Birds Star Wars 3 +1
3. Crafted Battle 1 -2
4. Plague Inc. 5 +1
5. Arms Cartel Global N/A N/A
6. Fruit Ninja 6 0
7. Earn to Die 8 +1
8. Wipeout 7 -1
9. Banana Kong 4 -5
10. What's the Word? N/A N/A

Top Free iPhone Games — February 5, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. What's the Word? 2 +1
2. Temple Run 2 1 -1
3. Ruzzle 3 0
4. Subway Surfers 6 +2
5. Candy Crush Saga 5 0
6. Zombie Road Trip N/A N/A
7. Early Bird N/A N/A
8. Bingo Hearts N/A N/A
9. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance N/A N/A
10. Fun Run — Multiplayer Race 9 -1


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