This Week's Windows Phone Charts: Begone, Where's My Water?

Last week Disney's duo of dirt-digging water puzzle games, Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? stormed the Windows Phone charts, taking the two top spots and displacing Rovio's ever-present Angry Birds. This week? They have disappeared.

Well, not disappeared so much as shunted so far down the charts they are no longer a threat. Where's My Water? currently holds the number 37 slot on the paid charts, while Where's My Perry? is so far gone I'm too lazy to click the 'next page' button to find out where it went.

I like to imagine that Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, feeling threatened, teamed up and sent Disney's games a message.

Top Paid Windows Phone Games — January 31, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Angry Birds 3 +2
2. Fruit Ninja 4 +2
3. Drive Hard Taxi N/A N/A
4. Pac-Man CE DX 5 +1
5. Battleship N/A N/A
6. Asphalt 5 N/A N/A
7. Plants Vs. Zombies 6 -1
8. Sonic CD 9 +1
9. Crimson Dragon: Side Story N/A N/A
10. Monster Island 10 0

Top Free Windows Phone Games — January 31, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Ragdoll Run 1 0
2. Red Bull Kart Fighter World 2 0
3. Flow Free 3 0
4. AE Skee Ball 5 +1
5. Xbox Extras 6 +1
6. AE Jewels 7 +1
7. 100 Floor 4 -3
8. Archer 9 +1
9. Pencil Blade 8 -1
10. AE 3D Motor N/A N/A


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