THQ Now Selling Off Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction

THQ Now Selling Off Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction

After the big auction for its top-shelf intellectual property and game studios last month, the bones of former publishing giant THQ have announced that the company’s remaining franchises are now to be sold as part of a “court-approved sales process”.

The series up for grabs include Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction and Destroy All Humans!

Final bids for the properties are due on April 15. THQ says it has already received over “100 expressions of interest” regarding “various titles” still left in its vaults.


  • With Vigil being closed down, this does not fill me with much confidence over any Darksiders sequel. If EA or Activision get their hands on it, they’ll pimp it out to one of their low end studios to produce a turd.

        • The lead on both Homeworld games is now the General Manager of Xbox live for Microsoft.

          I’d kind of like them to pick it up…

          • Games published by Microsoft in 2012:
            Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Bloodforge, Deadlight, Diabolical Pitch, Dragon’s Lair, Dungeon Fighter Live, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Fable Heroes, Fez, Fire Pro Wrestling, Happy Action Theater, Happy Wars, Haunt, Homerun Stars, Joe Danger: The Movie, Joy Ride Turbo,Kinect Party, Mark of the Ninja, Minecraft, Red Bull Crashed Ice, Sine Mora, South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge, Spelunky, The Splatters, Trials Evolution and Wreckateer.
            There is a good chance they will kill it…

  • I know the last Red Faction kinda sucked, so there might not be a lot of interest in he franchise, but I really hope someone picks it up & does a reboot.
    Another open-world game would be great, with lots of destructctable stuff. And the manget gun!

    • Everything that isn’t listed here already got sold off in the first round. This round are all the IPs that weren’t for sale in the first round such as Homeworld, or no one wanted to buy in the first round which was only Darksiders to my knowledge.

    • Violition and Saints Row was bought by Kosh Media, the company that owns Deep Silver, which published the dead island game.

    • Me too. It is a shame they botched the subsequent games. If EA hadn’t shut down Pandemic, I’d be wishing for them to pick up the franchise.

      I wonder where the original developers are now?

  • I would like more Red Faction Guerilla. Destroying huge buildings with some remote mines and a hammer is the most fun thing.

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