Today It's Assassin's Creed's Turn To Get All The Discounts!

As you might already be aware, there's a series of pretty awesome deals running on the Xbox LIVE Games On Demand service. Yesterday all the Halo games were discounted. Today it's the turn of Assassin's Creed to get all the discounts.

— Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood was $19.99 is now $9.99 - Assassin’s Creed Revelations was $29.99 is now $14.99 - Assassin’s Creed was $19.99 is now $9.99 - Assassin’s Creed II was $19.99 is now $9.99

Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood are probably your best bet out of these games. Both absolute classics. Assassin's Creed II might be my favourite game of this generation when all is said and done. These are good prices.

In addition to the daily deals, there are still some deals running all week that you may want to check out.

- Dirt 2 Was $49.95 Now $4.95 - GRID Was $69.95 Now $19.95 - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements Was $19.95 Now $2.95 - Rayman Raving Rabbids Was $29.95 Now $2.95 - TCs. HAWX Was $29.95 Now $2.95 - Rainbow Six Vegas Was $29.95 Now $2.95 - Kane & Lynch Dead Men Was $29.95 Now $4.95 - Call of Juarez Was $19.95 Now $4.95 - Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Was $29.95 Now $2.95 - Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Was $19.95 Now $2.95 - Virtua Fighter 5 Was $29.95 Now $4.95 - Bioshock Was $49.95 Now $19.95 - The Darkness Was $29.95 Now $4.95

Someone said something smart in the comments yesterday. 'This is how to fight the issue of used games' — I agree. Great discounts on great games on digital services. Good show.

Via Major Nelson


    Huh, I didn't notice HAWX yesterday. For $2.95 that really might be worth checking out. I know I wanted it really badly then I just never got around to it.

    AC: Brotherhood is definately a good choice if you havn't played the game yet I loved that game.

    Today EB Games took my money for Tomb Raider Collectors Edition on PC

    Damn them!

    Great prices for some great games. AC2 and Brotherhood are fantastic value for money.
    Also you guys should get DMoMaM. Great value at $3. Not the best game in the world but its still pretty fun.

    Shame AUS prices for some of the games wont reflect this :(

      Those are the Aus prices. Compare them with majornelson's list (for the US) and you'll see what I mean (i.e GRID is also $3 in the US, but $20 in Aus)

        That came out wrong. I mean to say that Mark has already adapted majornelson's list to show the correct $AUS price here. So yes, the list does reflect the prices here. We really can get GoD games for $3.

    AssBro doesn't seem to be on sale - only the AssBro theme is.

      Yeh, i noticed that too.
      Everything else is on sale as listed above.

      What gives?

    Check out the Resi Evil games now! RE4, Code Veronica = $5. RE5, RE6 = $10. Raccoon City = $20

      RE4 was $10 when I checked.

        My apologies! I already owned it so stupidly assumed it was $5.

    Fable 3 doesn't seem to be on sale.

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