Too Bad This Mega Man/Sonic Comic Crossover Isn't A Real Game

The long-teased crossover between Capcom and Sega's iconic characters inches ever closer and each bit of preview art makes fans teases fans with the fact that this mashup doesn't exist in playable form.

Hey, if Mega Man can take on the World Warriors of Street Fighter and Sonic can duke it out with Mario in their Olympic-themed titles, then why can't this happen, right? Until the two Japanese publishers that own Sonic and Mega Man see the light, crossover fanatics will have to make do with this Archie Comics event. Who knows where would such a game fit in each character's canon? But it would probably be fun to have the Blue Bomber and the super-fast hedgehog explore each other's worlds.


    Holy Capcom-Sega crossover Batman!

    content needs a slap upside the head

    It's not a real game, it's not the game we need, but the game we deserve

    Sega vs. Capcom would be good enough for me.

    Classic Dante facing off against Bayonetta would be just perfect for any Hideki fan.

    thought that was a weeping angel behind batman for a second - that would be awesome! :)

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