Top PVP Players In Avengers Alliance Deserve Punishment

Top PVP Players In Avengers Alliance Deserve Punishment

Avenger’s Alliance is a singleplayer turn-based role-playing game, but it’s also a competition, with players vying for top positions in seasonal PVP tournaments. Season five is around the corner, and players that fight harder than most have a chance to secure the punishment they so richly deserve, courtesy of artist Mark Texiera.

No one knows player-versus-player combat quite like Frank Castle. Ever since everyone he ever knew or loved was killed by a particularly cruel plot device, he’s been taking on friend and foe alike in his never-ending war on whatever he feels like warring on at the time. We’ll say injustice.

Players that make it through Avenger’s Alliance PVP season five in the top 30 per cent — I generally hover around 70 or so — will automatically be eligible for a chance at taking home a Texiera original. Should they win, not a single member of their family needs to die.

That’s the sketch, mind you, and just a digital representation of it at that. The real thing should look gorgeous enough to make visitors to your home question your taste in art.


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