Turning Skyrim Into A Game That's Not Even Skyrim Anymore

I mentioned its predecessor, Nehrim, in my big PC mods roundup last week, so it's only fair today I point out a project a little more contemporary in its aims.

Enderal: The Shards of Order is a total conversion for Skyrim, in development by the same team behind Nehrim, that seeks to take the bones of the fifth Elder Scrolls game and give us an entirely new experience. New characters, new story, new lore, new universe, the works.

Well, sort of new. While entirely divorced from the events in Elder Scrolls, Enderal is a true sequel to Nehrim, continuing the events of that mod/game.

As you can see in the images and artwork below, featuring entirely new landscapes and vegetation, this ain't your daddy's Skyrim.

Enderal: The Shards of Order [Official Site]


    Chances a mod this ambitious will ever see a final release is. . .

      Never does, -.-

        Didn't Nehrim get to a final version?

          Yep, Nehrim was released. So ruen/james before you bag it.... why not look that up and see that these guys will probably release it.

    You know it's love for the craft when you're willing to put that much effort into creating a new game without ever expecting to see a cent for it.

      yes... and no, "that much effort" is no more effort than is needed to fill a great portfolio, and that is what works like this are, great portfolio pieces, so the cents they are hoping to see for it are employment or being approached to actually make their game by a publisher. Most people looking to get into the AAA games industry are putting in just as much work all around the place, some just manage to get coverage on Kotaku.

        I'm going to guess that you didn't have a go at Nehrim. It was pretty close to a AAA RPG with all that that entails. It may be a 'portfolio' piece, but there is no way 'most people looking to get into the AAA games industry are putting in just as much work.' I don't think many developers are putting in as much work.

          Or they are/would, but are getting hamstrung by publisher decisions.

    So they take everything that makes me like the Elder Scrolls and changes that? No thanks.

      I'll second that. It looks fantastic and I wish them every success, but take the soul out of Skyrim, and that's it for my interest.

        That's right, the reasons I keep coming back to the Elder Scrolls games are the story, the lore and the characters.
        And while I love playing these games, it's usually the gameplay I like the least...

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          nerhrim is at least worth having a look at though.

          Its basically an entirely new game, with new locations / lore / story / characters, but using TES game mechanics.

          If you look at it as a standalone product & not part of TES, its not bad.

          Disclaimer: i only played nehrim for a few hours, but i liked it.

            That was my point though, the game mechanics of TES games are the least appealling aspect to me.

              i get that, but my point was that if you want lore & characters etc, then this has them too. just not Elder Scrolls lore.

              It's not like they get rid of everything else aside from the crappy combat. Presumably they will add in their own lore and environment and interesting (not that Skyrim had excellent characters) characters to make up for what TES has already done.

              I'm also hoping for an english version as well, but it's probably too much to ask considering the amazing job they've done thus far.

    This is so good looking I feel as though I could be tempted to repurchase it on pc. The day mods like these come to consoles will be awesome.

      Unless consoles become much more modular, I doubt it will happen without developer enthusiasm (almost nonexistent thanks to the advent of DLC). Maybe on things like the Steambox or whatever, but on consoles like the PS3 and 360, there's next to no chance, for multiple reasons.

      You'll probably also find that most serious modders aren't too enthusiastic about it either, and I'm talking about the Bethesda modding communities, where tools are easy to use and readily available. It's an even slimmer chance with games with less supported mod tools.

    ok so this isn't out yet?

    while searching around i got confused with the oblivion mod lol

    a link to the moddb page probably is more useful than the one in the article http://www.moddb.com/mods/enderal

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