Next Assassin’s Creed Will Get New Character, New Time Period

Next Assassin’s Creed Will Get New Character, New Time Period

Ubisoft has announced today that a new Assassin’s Creed game featuring a new hero and time period will be coming in fiscal year 2014, which could be anywhere from April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014.

Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot promised a major leap forward for the Assassin’s Creed franchise and indicated that the development would be happening under the auspices of a new development team.

Assassin’s Creed III also featured a new protagonist and setting from past games — it took place during the American Revolutionary War and featured a half native-American protagonist named Connor. Stephen liked the game, but Kirk was very disappointed in it, citing looping dialogue, a terrible last chase sequence and more.

In the end, Luke, Kirk and Stephen had a fairly epic three-way discussion about the game — the highs, the lows, the failures and the successes. It’ll be very interesting to see what Ubisoft does with the series in yet another new setting.

This new game could be the chance to go China, Japan or other locales that were previously speculated on. Where do you think the series should go next?

Picture: concept art for Assassin’s Creed III


    • exactly my sentiments, i hated Assassins Creed 3 because of the setting. I hope there would be some medieval China/Japan action that would be cool.

  • Too bad, Ubisoft. Your PC port for AC3 was an absolute disgrace, and I can’t trust you to do anything else right. Can’t even be arsed to get Watch Dogs anymore.

  • There’s an absolutely amazing Chinese styled fan art done by a pretty well known Chinese fan artist (I think he’s won some big Blizzard competitions). I’m on my phone so can’t easily get a link but it actually looks amazing.

    EDIT: added link below

    I’m all for China since hardly any games are set there but it’ll never happen. Wasn’t there some female Chinese assassin mentioned in the lore in AC3? But if they go Asia it’ll most likely end up in Japan with Ninjas and Samurai… (not that there’s anything wrong with them but hell, they’re overused). I’m betting on South America or a Modern (US) for the next game… *sigh*

    AC3 is really disappointing so it’ll have to have to be set somewhere amazing (China!) for me to be interested.

  • I didn’t actually mind AC3 but the setting was boring as hell. American history has no interest for me. I think they should take the game back to it’s roots. Stealth and limited tools to get the job done… more about assassination than huge battles. Reintroduce the hidden puzzles like in 1 and 2. And as for the setting, I would love to see the game head to the Roman Empire at it’s peak. A huge range of places to go to, lots of interesting historic figures and most importantly lots of historical significant buildings to climb.

  • China?? People, clearly the Best setting for Assassins Creed is the French Revolution. So much going on in those crazy years, so many colorful characters and Assassinations.

    Will our character be pro monarchy or pro republic, but the republic supported the Terror (where terrorism came from) , you have the invasions from other European Monarch powers such as Austria and Prussia in the first war of the coalition. This is also the time period that the most influential person in the 19th century came to power, Napoleon.

  • I love the idea of a Chinese assassin. How cool would running around the rooftops of the Forbidden City be?
    An assassin based on more of a ninja-style character (stereotypical ninja, yes) would be a refreshing change. A return to the stealthy, kill-from-the-shadows approach. It’s all well and good to run into a group of guards and massacre them with a tomahawk, but it’s not exactly a refined tactic.
    I’d love a little more Arkham Asylum in my Creed. Getting into a fight and taking out 5+ enemies when you want to, but being able to pick them off from the shadows and watch the remainder getting more and more fearful? Isn’t that what being an assassin should be like?

    That’s my piece anyway, feel free to disagree.

  • It will be interesting to see whether they continue the trend of introducing a new character further forwards along the timeline, or whether they decide to take a step back.

  • I remember seeing a poll by Ubi that asked which setting you would most like to see the series take place in. I remember Egypt was one of them and thought that could be interesting. Pretty sure the French Revolution was another.

  • Roll back the engine. Fire whoever wrote the dialogue in ACIII, get rid of the homestead Sims minigame stuff, bring back a useful minimap & weapon selection display. Take combat closer back to what we had in AC:B or AC:R.
    They can keep the naval combat though, that stuff was amazing.

  • Russia guys! During the russian revolution perhaps?
    The colourful architecture would be perfect for AC.

    but really, gameplay is also important. Not enough stealth involved in AC3 plus the AI is STILL too easy…

  • After the naval combat aspect of ACIII, I’d be really keen for a Pirate themed one. Like, Wind Waker, but with more face-stabs. Or Red Dead Redemption, but on a boat. But obviously with AC gameplay.

  • New character: meh, new time period: meh, new development team: HOT DIGGETY!

    AC3 was a disappointing mess. They need to take it back, to the drawing board. About 75% of AC3 was either useless or boring.

  • Feudal Japan, would be awesome, The assassins have a brotherhood in the ninja community. That would be awesome, Free running around ancient japan!

  • I have zero interest in Assassin’s Creed after AC3. They butchered the combat system, set the game in a really boring time period, there were barely any buildings to climb, and the main character was bland as all hell. I was disappointed when the posh English gentleman turned out to be the antagonist instead of the main character, I did not want to play as yet another moody sulk whose home town was destroyed etc.

    They basically took all the fun parts out of AC in an effort to make it more accessable and mainstream. Got news for you Ubisoft, your game was about as mainstream as you can possibly get.

  • What AC4 needs
    1) Allow the player to complete missions in the way THEY choose as opposed to a single optimal path. It’s an open world game! Let players play it that way.
    2) Actually allow the player to do parkour instead of forcing them back onto the ground all the time.
    3) Ditch the filler content of tedious fetch quests, trading, and killing bunnies.
    4) Stop making players watch cutscene after cutscene.
    5) Ditch quicktime events.
    6) To be the last game in the series before they ruin it completely.

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