Ubisoft Wants 'To Improve [Its] Relationship' With PC Gamers

Ubisoft's name has been mud with PC gamers for a good long while. Ending always-on requirement to play games and other DRM restrictions helped it somewhat, but it is still widely perceived as a publisher most interested in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles — and for good reason, as Rayman Legends fans might say.

So the decision to offer third-party PC titles over the uPlay service is a kind of olive branch to the Glorious Master Race. Speaking to MCV, Stephanie Perotti, the global boss for uPlay, said the new listings "shows our commitment to PC, and we want to improve our relationship with the PC community.

"We are always seeking to improve," she added. "With every game on PC we are improving. Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed III on PC were very high quality."

That's not the point, when Assassin's Creed III is delayed by a month on PC, it sends a message of second-class citizenship to a PC gamer. But, OK, listing 30 non-Ubisoft titles is something, I guess. Perotti said the company has plans to sell digital cards similar to Xbox Live points cards, Steam wallet funds and other virtual gift certificates found at physical retailers.

Ubisoft: 'We want to improve our relationship with PC gamers' [MCV]


    Step 1. Buy a turd polishing kit ...

    "We are still shit but here are some games made by other people that arent, Our buying process doesnt suck..."

    How about no.

    Oh, Ubisoft. Ignoring the root of the problem, as usual. Their problem is late releases, silly DLC and DRM systems and blatant oversights with ports.

    Regarding to the DLC, they're charging $12 for ~2 hours of gameplay with the most recent release. Not to mention that the Day 1 DLC should have been left in the game, considering the considerable lack of dungeon-style experiences that had previously been included to great success in Ezio's era. That said, the DLC argument isn't PC-only, but they're more likely to have an issue with it considering they already feel cheated.

      Your last sentence makes a lot of sense. It's kinda like slapping someone on the ass. It's OK if you're having sex with them, it's not OK if it's a stranger on the street who you just spat on.

      Uplay crashes my Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed 2 / 3 so much. I mean, I can understand when my internet cuts out that I'm sometimes kicked. But come on, forcing me to undo over-clocking to be able to play Far Cry 3?

      Just give me back my Steam. If not. Then I'll get a PS4 for my next gen gaming.

        Same. I have never had a day of trouble with Steam (Ok except for GTA IV but everyone knows thats a horrid port) but so far every uPlay game has crashing issues for the first 2 days. Both Assassins Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 had saving issues and other crashes associated with uPlay. Honestly, I am seriously considering cracking them. uPlay is one of the reasons I dont want to buy on pc any more.

          Same, I had all sorts of trouble with Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations. They just kept bsod-ing me while they were loading from Uplay. I got so frustrated trying to talk to the rep cause he kept telling me to try things I already did. Eventually I figured out the problem, you can't play any of them while you have multiple screens up. As soon as i unplugged my other two monitors, the games all worked. They just don't think about us PC users at all!!!

    Maybe the can stop allowing publishers to set prices on their digital platforms (not just Ubisoft here), that way when 30 games come to uPlay it's actually a good thing, we actually get competition.

    I don't think they get it, uplay is the problem. Adding more content isn't going to fix the problem, i think they should just remove it when you install their games on other platforms ie. steam.

      This. Every Ubisoft game I have on PC crashes every 10 mins for me whereas the cracked versions of them sans uPlay run flawlessly. Kind of frustrating that I can't play the versions I purchased.

      you got that right updates and slow connections get into a game net dieds or something no data saves origin is better but at the same time when u have 200 games on steam u really dont want anything else hope they relzes this before its to late.

    step 1: shut the fuck down

    step 2:.....there is none

    Well then, heres 2 ways you could start for that
    1. Bring Watch Dogs to PC without it being a Crappy console port
    2. ditch that always online Crap, not a single person in the world thinks itts a good idea

      They have ditched always-online drm though. No new games have it for AGES and a lot of the ones that did have it, had it removed with a patch.

        oh thats good then, been a while since i played a ubisoft game after ASS 2

    Well releasing all games at the same time as Consoles would be a start (was shocked when that happened with Far Cry 3)...... lol

    they could start by ditching uplay. piece of crap. takes ages to load and the anno takes longer.

    Heres just a few ways they can increase their rep with PC gamers:
    1. release mod tools and make your games moddable
    2. give us Dedicated Servers and the ability to host games via LAN
    3. Dont accuse every single PC user a pirate and stop equating 1 pirated copy as a lost sale because it isnt.
    4 I know that Uplay is here to stay for the time being but for love of all that is holy, if a customer buys a game through a different digital distrobution service like steam or origin, then do not force those people to use Uplay as well to play their game. It is unneeded and is a waste of resources.

    *Awaits launch for reports that it adds 'always online drm' to non-Ubisoft games*

    Yes. Try to improve your relationship with me by selling me stuff at higher prices than are currently available on Steam. That will endear me to you.

    They KNOW what they have to do to improve relationships with PC gamers (above comments do it nicely), they just don't want to do it because it's too hard.

    "Of course we wanna be friends! Oh, ew... we don't wanna be friends THAT badly. Can't we just pretend to be friends?"

    The worst part is having to switch from controller (steam) to mouse (uplay) to controller (game) and this is on my TV which is like 5m away :( does not impress the wife when we just want to play driver San Francisco.

    Dear Ubisoft

    Between crappy PC DRM, a SHIT game management program that makes it hard to redeem games from Steam, uPlay interfering when I try to launch games from outside it (When Steam starts launching AC games, I do NOT want to interact with uPlay, I just want to PLAY THE DAMN GAME) and just overall "We don't give a shit" attitude to your consumers, you're not really doing that well

    But here's an idea. First, make uPlay unintrusive. Secondly, remove all DRM from your games. I know, it's a scary leap, but it's a good one. Third, stop fucking people around. When you support your customers, they like you. And when customers like you, they buy more from you. Even if it's DRM free, if you make these moves, piracy will go down, because people won't hate you as much

    But, as long as you try to push uPlay down my throat, as long as your restrictive DRM makes me feel like I should just pirate it even though I've already bought it, as long as you think you can push gamers around without us caring, you can't improve relations with me

    Yours Truly
    - Someone who really wishes they'd pirated the AC games, instead of paying to use your crappy uPlay

    Would have been better if they didn't shit on PC gamers in the first place. They have lost so much good will with me I don't know if there is any going back. They should really fire the people whose decisions put them in this situation. Uplay is not the answer.

    Want to make me happy!!? Let me play anno 2070 without that u-play junk :(

    load of shit they said when making Assassins Creed 3 that we will not make any adjustments for the PC port and you will have to deal with it in a video they posted on youtube LIERSSSS

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