Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Is Going Free-To-Play

Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Is Going Free-To-Play

I’ve always thought of Uncharted’s multiplayer as a completely separate game. It has very little to do with the main single player experience and, to be perfectly honest, I’ve always just ignored it. Now Naughty Dog has announced that it has just made Uncharted 3’s multiplayer component free-to-play and, bizarrely, after ignoring Uncharted’s multiplayer for years, this has made me want to give it a try.

In order to play you are required to download the Free-To-Play game from the PS Store and you’re good to go all the way up to level 15. Players can continue to play as level 15 characters but, if they want to progress up the chain, that’s when some form of payment is required. Naughty Dog has also created a bunch of in-game items and downloadable content for those that wish to spend.

The game is already Free-To-Play in the US, with Europe being updated tomorrow. We’ve asked Sony precisely when we can expect the same thing in Australia, but we’re going to assume we’re getting it alongside the Europeans. We’ll update as soon as we hear confirmation of an official date.

It’s strange, the fact that Uncharted’s multiplayer has now been liberated from the burden of competing with the game’s single player makes it more attractive to me. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into a multiplayer game on the PlayStation 3. This might be as good a time as any to start.


  • this is awesome news for PS3 owners! 🙂 Uncharted has one of the best 3rd person multiplayer! great stuff naughty dog!

  • Played it when it first came out and found it to be great fun, though it seemed unbalanced if you were just starting out and going up against well-versed players but then most games are like that.

    Will most definitely give it a look into when it goes F2P here

  • It doesn’t look like it has been completely liberated: the single player campaign is available in this package as a paid unlock, which seems kind of backwards for the series …

    • How is that backward? It gives us myself and others who haven’t played Uncharted a glimpse at the game for free, with the option to buy the full game if we want. If we don’t want it, we ignore it. Simple.

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