Watch A Retro Leonard Nimoy Explain How The PS4 Works

The fact Sony failed to show a photo, or even a render, of what the next iteration of the PlayStation will look like has left the company open to all sorts of fun-taking. Even Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy is having a go.

As this post on Blastr points out, the device shown in the clip is actually a Magnavox DiscoVision from 1981. It couldn't play games, but it could play a mean LaserDisc given the opportunity. Sure, you're laughing now, but in 20 years you'll be wondering why we even bothered with DVDs, Blu-ray and organic body parts.

The mash-up is surprisingly well done — I feel completely ashamed I didn't realise the voice wasn't Nimoy's until the word "PS4" was uttered. I blame the moustache.

PlayStation 4: Leonard Nimoy Introduces the Next Generation [IGN, via Blastr]


    Everything is so big in mushroom land :P

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