Watch Gabe Newell's DICE Keynote Right Here

Valve boss Gabe Newell spoke at the D.I.C.E. show in Las Vegas today. You can watch the whole thing right here.

The respected developer almost always has smart and interesting things to say, so expect good things from this speech. Will he talk about Steam boxes? Movie plans? Ricochet 2? Watch the video above.


    Valve are the only company that get's it. I can see them becoming a Nintendo of sorts but with the advantage of not being held accountable to suits.

    Open source and non locked down hardware/software will always win, in the end. It's the very nature of evolution. Constant change.

    Having short bursts of evolution every half decade or more for consoles is stifling everything, and the reason for tablet domination is because they sat on their hands for too long this generation.

    The next gen consoles are launching with 2010 equivalent processing power (modern parts, but old clocks). It's getting ridiculous.

    ....and holy wow, he has a surface on stage with him......I uh......

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