Watch Golden Axe Get Ripped To Shreds In 9:27

Raise your hands if you spent a whoooole lot of time playing Golden Axe on your Sega Genesis. I sure did and never in my wildest dreams did I think it could be finished in under 10 minutes.

That's exactly what Jason 'honorableJay' Feeney does in this speedrun video hosted at Speed Demos Archive. Feeney offers up insights from his time with the classic brawler on the video's homepage. Here, he brings up my most hated part of Golden Axe:

Bonus Stages

The first 4 stages give you a chance to fill up on your magic/health after the completing the stage. The problem with these stages is the fact that the thief patterns are random. There is nothing I can do but pray I don't get a bad pattern. This is the only spot in the game with random elements, making them the most frustrating at times.

Man, I hated those thieves! I'm saving the entire realm, arseholes. You should be giving me stuff! Jerks.

Golden Axe [Speed Demos Archive]


    Wow that just put young me to shame

    Played it in an arcade... called penny aracde... for 20c a play... that tron, and Final fight.

    does not seem to be as many stages as i remember...then again i never got very far in that game

    I remember when we'd convene at my mates houes at3pm to play sega megadrive, golden axe and sonic all day.

    I spent a whooooooole lot of time playing it on the Sega Master System... Can I still raise my hand?

      With the frame rate on the Master System version, you deserve to be included :P

    Classic game, I had the PC port when i was a kid - we used to rename the game files so you could play any character out of the game. it was fun playing as the big giants smashing foes with your hammer

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