Watch Someone Play Proteus For A While

Opinions on Ed Key and David Kanaga's newly released game Proteus are likely as mixed as the crowd at a Justin Bieber/Mastodon double-bill. Personally, I think it's just lovely. It relaxes me, which certainly isn't true of most games I play these days.

It's a rare game that just sort of is, and it manages to forge a connection with nature that's more spiritual than photorealistic. It's got soul, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. And it's mysterious.

But, hey, maybe you're not sold. After all, there have been plenty of folks making the (increasingly pointless-feeling) argument that because there are no clear-cut rules, Proteus isn't a game. (Personally, I made it a game: It's a game for me to see if I can hear all of Kanaga's music, and find all of the music-making little critters. I'm the only one keeping score, though.) Maybe you just want to see it in action to get what people are talking about.

If you'd like to get a sense of what Proteus is all about, check out this commentary-free playthrough by YouTube user OmGarrett. Watching really isn't the same as actually exploring on your own, but that doesn't mean it's not a pleasant, relaxing thing to do.


    After watching Giant Bomb's quick look of this I get the feeling that, for me, this game it much like Dear Esther... which I hated with a passion. I wont be picking this one up.

      the story isn't as deep as Dear Esther, I'm not even 100% there is a story to it. But gameplay wise, it's less linear as you can do what you want until night time

    I played and finished, it's basically explore, wait until night, watch animation at point, explore, wait until night, watch another animation, repeat until snow, fly into sky.
    the music is ok early on, but doesn't get good until halfway through imo

    Proteus feels like Dear Esther, Kentucky Route Zero or Journey to me - games with no clear communication for players (i loved communicating via jumping w other players in Journey), vague rules at best.

    I'm enjoying Proteus so far - i wont be sinking a chunk of time into it like I'd done with Skyrim, but I'm glad these games are being made. They're different, and break the mold.

    And they're beautiful. Games as art in the purest sense. Whilst being enjoyable.

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