Watch Sony Announce The Next PlayStation Right Here!

Live video for mobile from Ustream The day has finally arrived! Today we'll be liveblogging the Sony announcement, but you'll also be able to watch the whole thing unfold live, right here at Kotaku Australia on this very post! The stream starts at 10am apparently. To make things a little easier we're running our liveblog as a separate post, just so you don't have to keep refreshing this video page. We recommend keeping both tabs open!


    Always find Playstation Hardware announcements exciting. Bring it on guys, and thanks for the hard work!

    It's already a minute laaate!

    I can't do this, better get back to pretending to work :(

    Just me or is the stream not working?
    or has it not started yet?

      mine is the same mate. the blogposts say it has started.. but they are not watching this obvoiusly :( any other links

        damn. the twitch stream isnt working either & cant get onto the playstation site...
        might just have to go with the live blog.

    Seems like it's not working for aussies?

    I caint see nuthin'

        Cheers, see if that works.

        Damn...loading forever...

    Looks like PlayStation's streaming is broke :(


    Nope, doesn't work, still says "Off Air"

    Is it working? It's working for me!

      Nope- i've tried about 5 different sights, Chrome and IE....

    Video stream went offline just before the PS4 announcement. awesome.

    Fail stream

    Mine's still working. Seems to be a pretty decent stream given there's nearly 500,000 people watching now.

    Then again I've had it open for while.

    EDIT: Scratch that, it's starting to lag like hell.

    Last edited 21/02/13 10:16 am

    working link from gametrailers

      Yeap that's working for me. None of the other links were.

      life saver!! :)

    Can't get this working anymore. All streams I tried a just black.

    This is a joke. Not a single stream running smoothly.

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