Watch The 2013 Sequel To 2010's Provocative Talk About Video Games

In 2010, professor and game designer Jesse Schell gave an amazing talk at the DICE gaming summit that went viral. His topic: the gamification — the adding of points and play systems — to everything imaginable. He imagined a crazy future where we got points for everything from brushing teeth to giving each other high fives.

Three years later, just two days ago, he delivered a follow-up at the new DICE summit. He covers a lot: from the problem with adding chocolate to staplers to the wisdom of Disneyland ticket prices, with detours about just about everything.

You'll laugh. You'll agree. You'll probably disagree, too. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you're pressed for time and just want to see one crazy, great bit, jump to 10:36.

Puzzle Clubhouse's Jesse Schell - Full Keynote Speech - D.I.C.E. SUMMIT [YouTube]


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