Watch These Insane Human Beings Play Dark Souls Blindfolded

When I was a kid there was a show called Knightmare. In the show a group of friends would help another friend navigate a virtual world wearing a mask that blocked his vision. Three friends would scream out instructions as the poor kid would somehow try and not get killed by obstacles he couldn't see. This insane Dark Souls video, in which one man tries to play the game blindfolded, reminds me of that show. It's also tense, hilarious, and terrifying.

I know how difficult Dark Souls is. As does anyone who spent any amount of time with the game, the fact that these guys actually got that far — to the point in this video — is incredible.

As with anything Dark Souls related, whenever anyone talks about it, writes about it, posts about it, or even mentions it in casual conversation, I immediately want to go and play it.

Well, that this weekend sorted.

Thanks Todd!


    Insane is completely right. Blindfolded speedruns are nothing new but normally they're for much simpler games than this.


    Follow LobosJr on Twitch to watch this guy stream.

    EDIT: Getting the link right would definitely help.

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    It's like the most intense episode of Nightmare EVER!

    Wow. I immediately wanted to go and play it too, despite the fact that my weekend is full and my gaming time is currently allocated to attempting to finish Skyward Sword, but then I remembered that I don't actually own it yet, and it's still like $70 on Steam. Phew.

    Might as well play in the Tomb Of The Giants with a blindfold. Can't see anyway

    A blindfolded Dark Souls run is crazy,
    a blindfolded Sen's Fortress run is fucking insane.

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