Well, Somebody Got To See Battlefield 4 Today

Battlefield 4 has yet to be properly, publicly announced. We know it's coming, because it's a sure bet EA will make more Battlefield games and because people already know they're in beta, but nobody has seen the game in action or knows anything about it.

Unless you work for GameStop, because you got to see the game this week. The above tweet says it all, but the fact EA's official Origin account retweeted it says even more.

Given the timing of the tease, I'd be shocked — shocked I say — if Battlefield 4 did not form part of Sony's big PS4 reveal tomorrow.

GameStop Inc. [Twitter, via NeoGAF]


    Lemme guess... It's BF3 with some new maps.

      You're thinking of Call of Duty, Friend. Battlefield went through the trouble of rebuilding the physics engine for their last game, give them some credit.

    Fat chance I'm buying this shit. After every horrible treatment of the community for Battlefield 3, DICE don't deserve a cent of my money.

      care to explain??

        bf 3 was a piece of shit

          I am also confused, BF3 was the best shooter this gen imo

            I am also confused, must be a console gamer thing. BF3 was/is great.

              Nope, the console version (PS3) is pretty damn awesome too. Well, the multiplayer component of it is. The single player campaign is predictably bad.

        Firstly, the fact that the lead platform was promised to be PC, and then ended up being a complete lie. Secondly, the fact that they deliberately block people from modding the game. Thirdly, the fact that they devote less resources to defending the game against hackers and cheats than people modifying the game legitimately. Fourthly, the fact that new weapons were promised for at least four expansions and are now only in two of them (and for me, part of the reason of buying premium was on the fair assumption that there would be new weapons in the expansions. Another complete lie. Fifthly, the whole bullshit color grading fiasco and DICE's arrogance in that matter.

        There is not one thing I've been impressed with on DICE's part, not one sign that they actually give a shit about their fans.


          Switching lead platforms mid development - The reasoning was due to time constraints...fair enough...I beleive that the bulk of the development was on PC...so it was more of a PC game ported to consoles not the other way round

          Blocking people modding the game - No big drama for me...that's up to DICE/EA. yeah you hace hackers and cheats but what FPS game doesn't have them

          New weapons in four expansions - well you got new weapons in Back To Karkand and Close Quarters and the XBOW in Aftermath...Armored Kill (as the name suggests) got no weapons but new vehicles and Endgame gets game modes and vehicles...For me...there is enough weapons in the game

          Color Grading fiasco - I don't know what this is all about

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