What A High Definition First-Person Mario Game Looks Like

Now all Mario needs is a gun — then this would be truly modern. Seriously though, take a look at this awesome rendition of a made-up Mario level by freddiew, which shows us what playing the franchise in first person could look like.

Well, if Mario was a little grittier. You might remember freddiew from this first person Mario last year?

Would you play a Mario like this? I'm not sure I would — but it still looks neat!

First Person Mario: Endgame [freddiew]


    Interesting idea, but I did not have the slightest clue what was actually happening.

    Yeah it's pretty confusing, Maybe they should've called it "Mario replay in first person", because when he turns around to step on the other cannonballs....hacks? (i know there is a map but it's not very clear.)

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      It's based off a machine-aided (yes, hacks) max points run of the final level. The actual video is a massive part-by-part render that took several days to render across a PC cluster. The movement chased the gameplay capture, but it's totally CG - no game engine in sight. :D

      As for the repeated references to freddiew, the majority of the work was done by his friend Brandon and a few ring-ins.

      Check out "The Making Of" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_851272&feature=iv&src_vid=Gf-2Imh6a54&v=yEvqsnAhEB8

        Awesome :D

    A 2D platformer played in the first person? I like it. With a few tweaks here and there it would be an interesting next step for the series.

    Look, this is just ridiculous! Princess peach is always portrayed as a weak damsel in distress, always needing to be saved by the 'stronger dominant male'. This portrayal does nothing for the advancement of women or the equal portrayal of the genders.
    And Bowser? Why are Mario games continuously featuring this obvious misogynist?
    And beavers? Mario jumping on beavers? Is that reference to female genitalia and the constant male pursuit of sexual domination?

      I heard everything you said.

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    I'm getting head spins just watch it, dont think i can last for 5 min of game play...

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