What Are You Playing This Weekend

As you might have read earlier, I totally took a month off from gaming, so I think it might be about time for me to start playing them again! Any suggestions? What are you guys and girls playing at the moment?

Here are a couple of games I'm thinking about playing...

- Dark Souls: I haven't finished it yet, but I'm thinking about starting a new game. - Far Cry 3: Still haven't started it... - Ni No Kuni: I'm not a massive JRPG fan, but this looks good.

Well, that's me. What about you?



    If you're not, there's something seriously wrong.

    Omerta - City of Gangsters

    Torchlight 2


    Arkham City

      Nice bit of variety :)


        Can't wait to play Omerta

        To replay Arkham City

        To finish Machinarium

        And to keep playing Torchlight 2

        How about you?

          Thinking of finally finishing Dead Space 2, but I'll probably just play Assassins Creed 3 or Walking Dead. Nothing too interesting. Getting a PS3 on payday for Ni No Kuni, so I may be subconsciously saving myself.

            I may not actually even get to play any of those games

            My girlfriend is at my house for the weekend

            No complaints from me about that :D

              Hahaha, yeah. Girlfriends do that. Luckily, my wife sinks a fair chunk of time into her own resource manage-y IOS games for me to justify powering up the Xbox.

              Have a good weekend, dude :)



      Oh and Mark, a few TAYbies who aren't into JRPGs got the game pretty much based on what it looks like and they're having a blast with it :D

        Not me. Looks nice, does not look like my sort of thing.

          Yeah, but I said the ones who got it liked it :P (unless you did get it and didn't like it?)

    Ni No Kuni, such an absolutely amazing game!

    Besides that probably a little Dark Souls and Day Z

    going to finish Zelda 1 on the NES (3DS) then might move onto Zelda 2

      I did that a few years back when the gamecube collection was made available. I quite enjoyed Zelda 2!

        I'm going to finish every Zelda game that I haven't finished before

        Zelda 2
        Link's Awakening
        A Link to the Past
        Spirit Tracks

        and if those Oracle games ever come out on the eStore I'll buy and complete those.

        Also, NES games are hard!

    Ni No Kuni and a Son of Sparda difficulty playthrough on DmC.

    Also got the Zelda Symphony Orchestra this weekend so it's gonna be a good one.

    Getting back into Dark Souls. New playthrough with a working console.
    Sucker for punishment, this one :)

    I will race you, @markserrels! There's actually a few of us in TAY at various near-beginning-stages of a playthrough!

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    Dark Souls!
    I started again yesterday to ease me back into it because I'd had to stop before finishing it, too.
    I have two nights to play before my husband comes home and starts hogging the TV at night again. :P

    Trying to get back into playing Dishonoured - everybody seems to love it, I've only beaten one level.

    Finishing Quantum Theory - halfway through, getting kinda bored, but I'm gonna get to the end!

    I'll be in Dubbo all weekend, so the only thing I'll be playing is Trauma Center 2 while waiting around at the airport and whatnot.

    Nier... why don't Japanese game designers like happiness?

    Also got a second controller and rayman origins so hopefully my 'gamerfy mrs ash' program can take another step forward.

      Nier love!

        I grabbed it from EBs 2nd hand bargin bin for $14... and I can't believe what a gem it is. Absolutely loving it.... but everything is so sad :'(

          The game is a work of art. I realise some of the animation is a little clunky and some areas lack detail but the love! And that soundtrack? OMGGGGG!!!

            Oh yeah, so serene. My Mrs keeps asking what I'm playing because of the music... but I don't want to show he because of Kaine!

            BTW jimu... I'm assuming you have completed the game? Without spoiling it for anyone else, I went to the King of Facade's wedding last night.... :'(

              I can't even remember...is that the mask guy in the mask tribe?

              Aww man. I love this game so much but it really knows how to make you feel stuff you don't want to.
              If you want to talk more, just pop it in the spoiler tags. Then we can talk about it forever without spoiling anyone. :)

                I'm such a n00b - I don't know how to do the spoiler thingy :(

                Oh wait, there is a button for it :S

                OK Mrs S, here I go:

                I bought Nier on a whim because buying games makes me feel good, and it was cheap ;)

                I started it up and was really intrigued by the bit where it is loading and Kaine is cutting sick at Wiess - it made me want to find out more.

                Then the game starts and I was kinda like 'meh' - generic post apocalyptic setting, kinda rough graphics and some beffy guy fighting off barely there enemies by mashing the X button. That was the first impression and I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But then you see Yonah, and that he is fighting to save his daughter in this bleak world. I don't know if it is because I am a parent too but this just pulled on my heart strings. I didn't care about graphics anymore, they became the furthest thing from my mind. I just wanted to help this guy save his kid.

                That was the point I got seriously hooked by Nier, and it hasn't let go since.

                However it can be a pretty sad game :(

                The really sad things that happened in last nights playsession were: seeing the circumstances behind Jacob's death and the sad fate of Gideon being left alone in the world. Just to rewind, when you first help the brothers out, I was still 'inoccent' re Nier - I seriously thought I was going to rescue the mother, not find her dead.

                And sadder still ofcourse was what happened at the King of Facades wedding. I genuinly thought it was going to be a lighter moment of the game and was really enjoying the festive atmosphere. To see Fyra killed before I could act, before the marriage was even concluded - it was really shocking. Man i can't wait to fuck those wolves up.

                But what do you expect in a dying world?

                  Yeah, being a parent definitely made the central storyline resonate with me more. I think the moment I became hooked though was the first time I went to the town centre and found that the hauntingly beautiful song I'd been assuming was just background music was actually being sung by an NPC. And yes, fighting those wolves was definitely a fight I was looking forward to! I loved the game but I think it really became one of my all-time favourites in subsequent playthroughs. The way that is handled is masterful. It's truly a wondrous game.

                Boo it won't let me reply to your last comment - I guess we drilled down too far :(

                Oh yeah that quest to have Popola and Devola sing together was awesome. I got twins boys so I'm a sucker for anything that shows twins being close hehe.

                Your comment about subsequent play throughs is intriguing. I don't get a lot of play time so I don't often replay games. Playing primarily for story means there is usually little reason to return. However (without spoiling anything) is there incentive to replay Nier?

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                  The answer is absolutely yes. You must do it at least once.

    Little Inferno. Probably with the Mr Nearly 2, who thinks it's hysterical (not sure if I'm supposed to be excited or disturbed by that).

    And canasta on my Android. I'm learning how to play.

    DmC, Sonic & All Star Racing: Transformed & Crysis 3 open beta (although I'm sure I'll bore of Crysis 3 pretty quickly). I might even try to grab the last few achievements I have left in The Cave.

    Path of Exile! Just need to push through this 10 hour shift at work :(

    Ni No Kuni & Pokemon Black 2 on the Bustrain

    Thanks to our old pal Beardy McMuttonchops, I'm working my way through cave story. Kinda metroid like in a way, so enjoying it a lot. Also playing through Far Cry 3.

    Darksouls on xbox and some BLOPs2 and Halo4

    I just restarted Darksiders after buying it with a pile of other bargain bin games, playing twenty minutes and moving on about a year ago. Holy crap it is good fun.

    Dark souls
    It won't be that hard ... right?

    FC3. I'm almost done with the story so I'm going about getting all the outposts (1 to go) and completing all side missions first. I'm having such a good time I might even get all the relics

    I might try and finish Pokemon White 2. Apart from that, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and NFS:MW.

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