What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dead Space 3. I will probably play this video game. I say 'probably' because my weekends are now spent changing nappies and walking around my apartment saying 'SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' to my month old son. Games are hard right now. What are you guys and girls planning to play this weekend?

Despite 'mixed' reviews, I have high hopes for Dead Space 3. I actually never properly finished the sequel, but that's not too important, right? I can still play the new one? I certainly hope so. It's getting to the stage now where I just sort of let the 'story' in video games wash over me or through me or whatever. It's all the same really. Head to point B, pick up item X, head to point A. Shoot things.

Oh man, I'm heading into a cynicism spiral. Someone! HELP ME!


    Not a lot I don't think


    *to be ammended if I remember and am feeling better*

    Tales of vesperia, getting close to the end but I am up to an annoying boss fight with one character... I will persevere :p if I can clock tales I am going to start either nier or dragon's dogma!

      Nier! Wooop! I threw Vesperia on easy after an annoying boss fight early on.

        I'm still pushing through on normal but the boss fight is where you can only use Karol. Fun times :p

          I'm just not good enough :(

    This weekend I will try to get back into or restart Dishonored. It's the main game I want to get finished before I start anything else coming out this/next month. I haven't gotten Dead Space 3 after completely tapping myself out to buy a car, which is also the reason I haven't been able to get any gaming done lately. My wife keeps wanting us to visit people so she has an excuse to drive places!

    I will be Dead Space-ing it up and waiting for my co-op partner to get paid and buy the game :/

    Congratulations on the baby boy, by the way.

    Will be playing the Neverwinter beta. Hell yeah!!

    As per discussion in TAY, probably nothing /sigh

    Ni No Kuni when not also changing nappies negotiating sleep time with baby

    Far Cry 3 & Borderlands 2

      Same here.

      Oh, and Quantum Conundrum just got released on PS+, so I'll check that out too.

    Dishonored. Getting closer to the end of the game (I think). When that playthrough is done, I'll be starting over with a stealth playthrough. Really looking forward to playing it that way too

    "Make a website" with Binding of Isaac and Team Fortress 2 breaks, I suspect.

    Ni No KUUUUUUUUNIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

    I think i'll be finishing off my first play through of X-COM: Enemy Unknown, such an awesome game!

    I picked up Deadlight last week on steam and got downloaded Sleeping Dogs last night with PS+, so I'll try and get some time to play them also.

    What types of games are you playing mostly Mark? If most of the games you are playing involve "Head to point B, pick up item X, head to point A. Shoot things." then may I suggest jumping to another genre of game that you do not frequent as much to freshen up you passion for games?

    XCOM, after restarting once again this week after putting all my eggs in a basket and then throwing it off a 20 story building into a pit full of starving weasels in the last game. Orephus' Shadows are now doing a little better than their predecessors with a bigger spread of experience and ability, and more engineers earlier in the game so I can actually build stuff when it's researched.

    On the side I'll probably play some Pokemon Black 2, Virtue's Last Reward and check out the Ragnarok Odyssey demo and maybe finally get around to the Revengeance demo.

    I honestly don't know.. I might go back and relive some older games this weekend.. Sims: Castaway Stories, Space Rangers 2, Settlers 7.. maybe even brave GTAIV, which I never got much game time into because I found the storyline boring.. won't be playing anything new..

    On Monday, I played DotA 2. On Tuesday, I played DotA 2. On Wednesday, I played DotA 2. On Thursday, I played DotA 2. On Friday, I will probably play DotA 2. On Saturday, I will probably play DotA 2. On Sunday, I will probably play DotA 2. On Monday, I will probably rage quit DotA 2 and play Secret of the Magic Crystal.

    I was going to play ni no kuni...but i couldnt get into it..felt too kiddie for me...i expected it to be light hearted but i cringed everytime i heard "jeepers".

    most likely vice city or replaying DmC.

    My almost 2 month old has been letting me play Mass Effect 2 every night which is good and theres echoes on Bulletstorm to do as well!

      Amendent: I got a hankering for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and I'm now in the final level - the end is near I can taste it!

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    I want to be playing Ni no Kuni and BioShock but I'll be going to Singapore and I'm thinking of bringing my Vita, so probably Persona 4: Golden!

    Probably chuck in a few turns of a multiplayer Ticket to Ride game I've going on too :D

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