What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, this is embarrassing. Actually, no. It's not embarrassing, I'm proud of it! Instead of playing through Dead Space 3, or any of the other big releases in the past month, I've been playing two games almost exclusively: Proteus on my laptop and Puzzle Retreat on my iPhone.

Proteus is impossible to explain, but it's the latest in a long line of games that some people wouldn't call games at all. There's no real purpose, no real goal, nothing to achieve — it's just really, really pretty. You may have seen it covered fairly extensively on Kotaku by some of the US writers. I just find it a really great way to unwind. It's a real zen experience. Think of those moments in Red Dead Redemption where you simply sat and enjoyed the view? Or waited for the sun to set? That's Proteus. That's the very same experience. Only that's all it is. I like it.

Puzzle Retreat? Well, you should just play that and find out. It's by Melbourne dev team The Voxel Agents and it's a completely seamless puzzler. I guarantee you will love this game.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Some more resident evil 6. Screw the haters, this game lets you bulldog a zombie's face off.


    Not sure yet

    Defs some Just Cause 2 with the BOLO Patch

    May restarted Dishonored and run through that on PC with a controller

    Looking to buy Skyrim for PC and the DLC, may do that this weekend as well

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I'm doing a cinematic playthrough on Beardeogame Bros for a friend who's a massive Transformers fan, but not a gamer at all.

      The cut scenes in Fall especially are channeling the 1986 movie

        I'd love to see what High Moon Studios could do with an animated Transformers film.

    Aliens CM. Almost done with the SP & want to get cracking on the MP.
    And more Ni No Kuni.

    I shall be playing a 3D variant of Tetris involving furniture and a van.

      Are you moving to Sydney already or is this an interim move before the big jump?

        I'm sticking around in Brisbane until April and then taking all of my stuff over in one hit. I'm helping @freya move her stuff into the new apartment.

          Once again, offers there to help move in April if you need it! (I know you said you don't, but thought I'd say it again!) Have fun with the Freya move! :D

      Tetris: The Grand Master 3 - Terror Instinct?

    This weekend is all about Impire for me. It's the closest thing to Dungeon Keeper since... Dungeon Keeper 2. And only $20 on Steam.

    Last edited 15/02/13 11:24 am

      It's out? There go my plans for actually finishing Dead Space this weekend... Then again, I might wait a couple of weeks until they iron it out a bit further - it is a Paradox game, after all.

    Probably Binding of Isaac. Again.

    Might try to play Dishonored. I feel like if I don't get on it soon, I won't get to it at all.

      Dishonored is pretty much the only 'AAA' games asides from Halo 4 I really enjoyed over the last six months.

        I wasn't all that impressed by Halo 4, unfortunately, though maybe I should give Spartan Ops another chance, I hear it's pretty good after the first few episodes.

        I REALLY enjoyed Far Cry 3 though, even though the story was stupid.

          I haven't gotten round to Far Cry 3 yet. But that Scottish guy's review all but convinced me.

          I just really enjoyed Halo 4's single player. The multiplayer, however, is a mess.

            I kind of thought the solo campaign started ok, but in the second half it felt like they were pandering to people who read the novels etc. It didn't feel like it worked as a standalone story, and the gameplay was a super repetitive mix of walking to a button, pressing it, then backtracking to where you started.

            The multiplayer is... just wrong.

    Instead of clocking tales of vesperia last weekend I got past 1 boss. This weekend I will complete it. Up to what I think is the last dungeon. Tales of graces is on the way from ozgameshop do not sure if I should start anything in between...

      Dude, Tales of Graces F is awesome! I played the crap out of Tales of Vesperia (finished it 3x) and started Tales of Graces last week and man, its the best 'Tales' I've played to date.

      I suggest putting Graces on hold until you really have time for it because you will get sucked in immediately. And I'm only 8 hours in.

      At $33 from Oz, you can't beat that.

        Awesome to hear! Went to buy it and got gifted points so it came to 27 bucks :D symphonia is probably my favourite to date but will gladly change that opinion.

          I never got a chance to play Symphonia but at least Xillia will be coming out later this year. I'm buying that day 1 for sure!


      And insane cartoons :P *nsfw

      Stronk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgJ_zcTwogE&feature=share&list=UU--BMyA2X4a9PGAo3lTuopg
      Gaem Grumps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l42U00b7i1s&feature=share&list=UUB57hrhFXC9e9W40yBXecRA
      Zonik Da Hedgehog: http://youtu.be/TOQvEO3677M
      DragonZball PeePee: http://youtu.be/7pSmhZFbCy0
      PleaseDiePie: http://youtu.be/Bc982lZxaTI
      SkyrimBoobiesMinecraft: http://youtu.be/hEMECHu8u2o
      LollipopChainsaw in a Nutshell: http://youtu.be/mABKACQ1vIw
      Sonic '06 Protoype: http://youtu.be/2jmPDIOYRxI

    Finishing XCOM. I've been ranking up my Psionic Commandos all week for the final mission. Just need to gain a few more ranks then find out whether Orpheus' Shadows will save the Earth or forever condemn it to alien enslavement.

    Other than that, Pokemon Black 2, Virtue's Last Reward and To The Moon.

      I bought To the Moon a few weeks back, I should probably like... play it.

    Not sure if I'll have time but I have a hankering for either some MvC3, some Brutal Legend or some Anarchy Reigns multiplayer.

      Almost finished playing through Brutal Legend SP on brutal, up to the penultimate mission.
      It's such a shame there won't be a sequel, I really think Double Fine could have ironed out a lot of the issues and introduced the gameplay tactics a bit better given another chance.
      With such strong music, sound, visuals and style, along with an original gameplay idea, it's a shame the actual gameplay was so poorly introduced and implemented.

    finishing Spec Ops: The Line. Man the PC controls are rough.

      Try to think of the crappy controls as part of the experience. It's plenty clunky on console, too. :)

        I was thinking of trying to play it with an xbox controller, but maybe not. My biggest gripe - the same button to toggle run and get into cover - will still be a problem anyhow.

    Ni No Kuni... 72 hours worth!
    Maybe not quite that much, Must make up for last weekend. I didn't get a chance to play it at all :(

      I'll be playing Ni No Kuni too. I suspect I'll be finishing it every soon. Great game.

    I have decided to start Skyrim this weekend

      you poor bastard. we'll see you in 6 months then ;)

      Say goodbye to the next few weeks of your life.

    Almost Colonel 100 in BF3... 7 ranks to go... and Dark Souls, smoked that fool ass moonlight butterfly boss thing last night (Or the witch that i summoned did).

    I think I'll be playing some borderlands tonight with a friend who just picked it up ... other than that I'll just be spending a few hours doing some line art of the millennium falcon

    Cruising around Amalur some more and maybe start-up DmC if I feel like a change. Appears it's going to be a bit of an indoors weekend with the weather being RS.

    Probably only get sometime with the Vita at the moment and will likely swap between...

    Everybodys Golf (still looking for my albatross!)

    Grinding my 10,000 kills in Resistance 2.

    5000 done. 5000 to go.

    Dark. Souls.

      Aw sheeet. Every time I see someone talking about Dark Souls I have this urge to play.

        The night is Dark and full of Souls.

    Dishonoured. Finished it a few days ago and have since started a stealth/no kills playthrough. I'm already thinking this is the way the game was meant to be played.

    Hitman Absolution I bought this last weekend after having finished Enslaved and having 100% ACII and i havent been able to put it down since, i just finished the Rosewood level last night and i reckon this weekend ill try out the contracts mode.

    Most fun game on the 360 since Splinter Cell Conviction

    Playing some 4x strategy. Sins of a Solar Empire.

      I want to get into that too, but I don't know whether to start at the original or go straight to Rebellion. What would you suggest?

    Having this weekend off Ni No Kuni. I'll be giving minecraft a play.

    Probably not playing anything at all.. just took receipt of the Blu-ray versions of Season 1 and 2 of Star Trek: TNG. These are the ones that they've painstakingly re-edited from the original film stock and updated the visual effects with a gorgeous DTS 7.1 sountrack.. so even though it's still a 4:3 show from the 90's it actually looks (and sounds) HD..

      Mate of mine went to watch 2 eps at a cinema back prior to release rekons they were great.

        I've only managed to watch one episode (got it yesterday) and I have to say I am more than happy that I spent money on this release. I've already got all 7 seasons on DVD but this new HD-ified version is soooo much better.. all that blur and noise is gone. Just the stars alone now look sharp and twinkle accordingly, let alone all the sharpness in the detail of the actors and CGI scenes outside the ships.

          yeah i recently finished watching TOS remastered, and its amazing how good they made it look.
          keen as for next gen.

      It'll look and sound HD but Riker still won't have a beard.

        Haha yup.. the seasons without the beard are very strange.. I also prefer Riker with the beard.. not sure why it makes his character better but it does..

          It gives him a gruff sort of look, adds to his character, the beard and the Riker lean make his character.
          http://rikerlean.ytmnd.com/ :P

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