What Happens When A Comic Nerd Asks About The PS4’s Top-Secret Superhero Game

What Happens When A Comic Nerd Asks About The PS4’s Top-Secret Superhero Game

I knew I wasn’t going to get any real details about Infamous: Second Son out of Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox. But I’ve been a big fan of the open-world PS3 exclusives, especially because their take on superhero action makes great use of the tight thematic bond that a superhero has with his city.

Lots of questions swirled in my head after watch Fox introduce the first-ever look at the game but I tracked him down to ask a single one: which Infamous 2 ending was canon? Spoilers follow:

Infamous 2 has two finales, depending on how ruthless or altruistic you played lead character Cole McGrath. The good ending has Cole offering up the ultimate sacrifice and leaves only a few other superpowered folks like him in existence. The more surprising bad ending has Cole killing his best friend and confidant, in a move that spawns hundreds more metahuman Conduits. The bad ending felt like a riff on concepts played out in Marvel’s X-Men and seemed like a more fertile springboard for a sequel.

At first, Second Son looked like it had to be following up on Infamous 2’s good ending. As Fox stammered a nervous non-response, I speculated that you couldn’t have an all-seeing totalitarian regime clamping down on Seattle in a universe full of powered-up people. More stammering from Fox. How do you subjugate superheroes with conventional police forces? The good ending had to be canon…

Unless it was the super-powered elite doing the oppressing. Normal folks wouldn’t be able to offer up any real resistance and the people in charge would want to monitor the population to keep track of and control any new person with special abilities. All those Conduits spawned by Cole could turn out to be villainous, especially of this is a game that spins out of the bad ending. So neither possibility could be ruled out. Fox at this point was politely letting me spin my theories as his co-workers waited for him nearby. No smile or smirk as I talked. No hint that I was on the right path. So, we’ll have to wait a little longer to see which ending winds up setting the precedent for the next Infamous game. But the possibilties of a bad ending being canon feels far more interesting to me.


  • I’d prefer them not to canonise an ending and instead leave it up to the player’s imagination.

    Some people thought Cole was a hero, some didn’t, the Beast was destroyed, people with powers are still walking around and Cole’s disappeared. That’s as much info as we should be given on the subject.

  • inFamous 1 and 2 are seriously the best games I’ve played on the PS3. I love them to death.

    Me? I’m thinking the good ending, that not ALL conduits die. I’m suspecting they’ll say due to the powers of fire displayed in the trailer, the character is Nix’s and Coles kid somehow.

    • Apparently it’s mentioned that Cole has a brother during an evil playthrough of 2, so some people are guessing that’s who you’ll play as.

    • I agree. Easily the best games I’ve played on ps3 – what was even better though was that I got them free from PS+!!!

  • I would have loved to have seen an infamous title of the Vita. Perhaps if the Vita did better sales wise we would have.

    Regardless, a new infamous game pretty much assures a PS4 purchase by me.

  • super powered people doing the opressing?

    unlikley (judging from the trailer) but FAR more interesting since (lets be honest) the X-men schitck is getting really old

    I want to know what its like to be a normal person in thease situations

  • it should do what mass effect did, read your saved file and plays off where you ended it. Good or Bad with all the desicions you have made.

    • It’s an interesting idea, but it might be tough to do though, what with the new game being for a new console, while InFamous 1 and 2’s save files will be stuck on your PS3. There would also need to be cues already coded into both games (or just 2, if they chose to limit it to one game) that could somehow be read by the new game. It worked for the the Mass Effect series because it was planned to do so from the start, and was coded as such. InFamous wasn’t designed with this in mind, so the odds of this being feasible are low.

      • well since PS4 is implementing cloud saves for your account it could work. its a basic idea that i thought would make sense to help the story move along, even though the good ending finished with … what happened.
        but none the less i am very excited to see a new extention to this superhero saga, i cant wait to hear the different types of characters you play as.

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