What People Used To Say About The Original PlayStation

Everyone's talking about the PS4. There are details popping up. Dates being announced. Hell, even mock-ups being created. So why don't we take a break from all that, and check out what they used to say about the very first PlayStation? Let's take a look!

  • "PlayStation will run games made by Sony and others that feature advanced three-dimensional graphics on compact disc. A lot of people think PlayStation will be a big hit." Nina Munk: Once more into the breach; Forbes, September 11, 1995.

Those people were right.

  • "Hook the new Sony PlayStation up to the family TV and watch as the samurai in Battle Arena Toshinden display a fluidity that far outstrips that of the Sega Saturn's Virtua Fighter game. Or strap into a 'starfighter' in Total Eclipse Turbo and zoom through steep ravines rather than along the flat, rolling screens of the old 16-bit game machines." Laura Evenson: PlayStation Is a Whole New Game; The San Francisco Chronicle, September 9, 1995.

Yeah, take that, Sega. And you too, 16-bit game machines. There's a new sheriff in town.

  • When they beg you to buy it for them, your kids will tell you that PlayStation is really cool. They'll be right. (...) It has an unusual feature that kids will love: a back-up memory card, which lets you save game statistics even when the machine is turned off. Roy Bassave: More Fun and Games: Sony's PlayStation Out; The Miami Herald, September 8, 1995.

When it's turned off? Jaw, meet floor.

  • How different is 32-bit from 16-bit? Totally. The PlayStation alone is capable of generating a variety of wild effects, such as light sourcing, gourand shading, weather, smoke and fog as easily as the sound chips create Dolby Surround Sound. Brian Steiner: Zap! New Video Games Go High-Tech; Charlotte Observer, September 17, 1995.

That's a lot of bits. Like, totally.

  • Graphics are absolutely beautiful, and the game segues from the FMV clips to the actual game-play seamlessly. All I want to know is: why do they call it 'Final Fantasy VII'? If it's really a FINAL fantasy, shouldn't there only be one? Jeff Kapalka: FFVII Rocks!; The Post-Standard, September 28, 1997.

Oh, Jeff Kapalka. If only you knew. If only.

  • After 11 years and over 100 million PlayStations sold, Sony is finally ending production on the console powerhouse that changed gaming forever. The one I got for Christmas in '96 is still kickin'! Michael McWhertor: Sony Ends PlayStation Production; Kotaku, March 26, 2006.

The PlayStation: tough as nails. Sony probably didn't want the PS3 to compete with it. With good reason.

So, dear readers, do you remember the PlayStation fondly? Have any wacky 32-bit adventures to share? Tell us all about them below.


    Losing my FF7 save because the third person duke nukem game formatted my memory card :( playing spyro 1 with two mates for 30 hours straight to clock the game 120%. Hiring one at launch and being amazed at destruction derby.

      thirty hours? yeah, i think i put more. i could never find the last dragon statue on one of the lofty levels, it required trickery that my 6 year old self could never work out. My mum even let me call friggin america, because she couldn't work it out either. A few months ago I played it again and finished it, maxing everything in about 4 hours! Massive nostalgia fest

        My friends and I may have been 17 at the time...

          Haha, nothing to be ashamed of. I can see myself playing this old stuff in 50 years. I may have been a bit older than 6, but considering I was born in 92, and I think I got it pretty much at release, it can't have been too far off that!

            I had an uncle that played the old command and conquers against me, LANing them in the house. He punished me repeatedly, whilst giving me written instructions on the best order to build up my base, so I was a better challenge for him! I probably started playing that around around 7/8, and I still remember the utter satisfaction when I beat this 35 year old guy, probably when I was 11ish

      Having a friend who was willing to stay up all night just to grind on FF8...

        And it wasn't even for his own game! Grinding is bad enough, doing it for others ow ludicrous!

          Got all bugs in animal crossing for my wife... hours and hours of waiting for stupid dragonflies and dealing with skidish scorpions. Couldn't watch her do it herself, it was too painful.

        completing 24 hour races on the original GT in 24 hours as a 2 man team sleeping in shifts.

          lol wtf man are you for real hahaha

            of course, almost no other way to do it, unless you had the stamina and concentration to hit the whole thing by yourself. The PSX used to get too hot if you left it on too long so you couldnt just pause it over night without a huge risk of losing your progress

    I remember being at a friend's place waiting ten minutes to load a level of Destruction Derby which I then got to play for five minutes before passing off the controller so someone else could have a go. It was great for conversation.

      Ten minutes? What were you playing it off? Tape?

        Hah! Gunship 2000 off a tape took closer to half an hour. No sir, this was the CD loading time.

          I think you mean Gunship? I don't remember 2000 being on tape :-)

            Could be, could be. I only ever attempted to play it once, at a friend's place. Later when I played Gunship 2000 on my uncle's PC (installed to the hard drive) I took it to be the same game.

    The Playstation really cemented my love of video games. And surprisingly many games still hold well. I recommend everyone go back and play Resident Evil 1+2+3, Dino Crisis, Oddworld: Abe's Odyssee, Die Hard Trilogy, Wipout + 2097 + 3, Final Fantasy 7 + 8 + 9 and all the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games. All of these titles are still great fun. And my original Playstation is still going strong. One of the best consoles ever!

      Dino Crisis does not get enough props, that game rocked!! (Jist don't touch the sequel, it is poison.)

    I came for the Resident Evil 2, but I stayed for the Final Fantasy VII.

    I chose the N64 for that generation but years later picked up the little PSOne console to play a few of the gems.

    I remember being hyped for the ps2, reading in the old Hyper magazene that it would have Jurassic Park like graphics. lol

    Still playing PSone games, even find some new ones on occasion.

    I still have my PS1 and pretty much been used and abused. I loved playing FF7 and GT1 and GT2 on it but it spent most of its live (and hours) playing FIFA: Road To World Cup 98. Pretty much my older brother and his friend were playing this late at nights (starting around 11PM and sometimes finishing at 6AM). I can remember waking up in the middle of the night and while walking to the bathroom I can see the lounge room light on and hear "Shearer!!' and knew they were still playing

    Ahh..the memories - makes me want to bust it out again...lol

      Fifa RWC!! The ANGRY button!!!

    Resident Evil 1 had me completely amazed... scared the shit out of me at the same time.

      we would all stay up at sleepovers surrounding the oldest friend who would have the controls as well all as a team provided solutions to the puzzles. so much fun!

    I'm guessing he was playing the demo disk that came with the system. You could only play for a few minutes before having to site through some promo reel then cycle back to select the game all over again.

    Which I spent hours doing with friends. Also had a wipeout track, and I think one fight in Battle Arena Toshinden. That demo disk got so much use!

    The first 2 games I got for PSX were Tombi and FFVII. Man, was I spoiled. It also gave Soul Blade, which is still the best iteration of the Soul series. So much goodness.

    I still play PS1 games. First on my PSP, now on my phone.

    Playing FF7 for the first time without a memory card (I'd forgotten to buy one) getting to leaving Midgar before being told to switch it off and come for dinner and being seriously torn between eating and continuing. Decided to buy a memory card the next day and eat instead.

    Oh and seeing FF8's intro for the first time. Blew me away with how cool it looked. Oh and split screen sessions of Rollcage with friends, always preferred Rollcage to Wipeout...

    please tell me that Jeff Kapalka was a PAL region writer. Because I don't want to think that a newspaper would hire someone as their tech writer who payed so little attention to the market that they were ignorant of the final fantasy series.

    My first purchase consisted on the ps console and MK trilogy Dam it was great, then i found a little game called Blood omen and BOOM hook link and sinker. i orginally though FFVII was shit but then i played it and my RPG experience was never the same again, gotta give mad props to RE 1, 2, 3 and who could forget MGS oh man the list goes on. Remembering every game i ever played is just impossible but ive never forget the memories

    PSone the game system that finally brought gaming into the mainstream (for adults). I remember when they first launched the dual shock controller around the time of Gran Tourismo, It seemed like the best combination of graphics sound and physics I had ever seen. Played the original Teken to death and I remember playing the original Vandal Hearts with 2 friends taking 8 hour shifts to beat the game during a 1 day rental.... good times.

    !! How could no-one have already mentioned the all time classic PS1 game, one one of its greatest sellers. Metal Gear Solid. Ahh the nostalgia..

    metal gear solid, tekken 3 and tony hawk
    best memories on the ps1

    Sure am glad that games now days aren't as clunky as they were back when the PS1 was around.

    the game that made me and my sister ask for a playstation was spyro the dragon. i loved the spyro games and crash bandicoot. i regret that i never discovered final fantasy on the psone.

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