What Real Cities Would Look Like To God, If God Was Playing Sim City

What Real Cities Would Look Like To God, If God Was Playing Sim City

IBM published this video last year for a networking tool, not a video game. But I can’t stop watching it, as statistics and icons pop up all over real-world cities, and thinking, boy, as good as the next em looks, I really hope in 10 years I can play a game that looks like this.


  • Three Reasons for how that is such an insane idea.

    1. You are not that interesting and my feud is with a small rat species that survived the rock I hit the Planet with 68 million years ago.
    2. I get to blow up shit up and turn the chaos into galaxies. I play SIM UNIVERSE.
    3. I didn’t just dial in a snow day for New York – I dialed one in for the Northern Hemisphere.

      • ^ Pretty much this.

        Seriously, do you write off everything that has a set of key phrases that may be related to a religion? I don’t follow a religion, but was at no point offended with the article.

        Would it have made you feel better if the article was reworded, say;

        ‘What Real Cities Would Look Like to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, If his Noodliness Was Playing Sim City’? It’s not like he was referencing ‘Our Lord and Saviour’ or similar.

        The biggest thing that annoys me in the world is not necessarily people having some form of faith or belief system, but the lack of tolerance for others who do. Please go find a new gaming site…

          • You do realise he’s trying to make a joke right? He’s not mentioning God anywhere in the actual article.

          • When I first saw your first comment, I just thought you were making a joke. Apparently not. You are as bad as those religious folk you seem to hate so much. Fun fact, did you know that theres a genre of games called God Games? Populous, Black and White.. Sim city kind of falls into this category too.

            Just because God is in the title doesn’t mean its about God. Now back to the point of this post.
            I’d love a sim game (i’m threading around your emotions rosie) with all these sort of infographics. A dynamic intuitive GUI… for anyone who wants to see more beautiful infographics check out the first few minutes of ‘Stranger than fiction’ it is beautiful.

  • next em? NEXT EM? just reread it once through before you press the publish button man. i love your posts but now im just hunting for typos.

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