While You Were Sleeping

Okay dokey, it's Friday and time for our final While You Were Sleeping of the week. Looking for a quick look at what you missed overnight? We've got you covered!

Big news first: Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed until September. September 17 to be precise. Fun fact: I remember a time when Rockstar games pretty much always landed on time. Shame, but still — I'd rather have a better game later than a worse game earlier. Patience is a virtue, as my Mum would constantly tell me!

Ubisoft Australia. Oh you! This is quite the zinger! We suspect that plenty of publishers sit steaming, writing out messages like this and then deleting them. Props to Ubi for having the cajones to hit 'post'.

Remember when PlayStation Home was something to possibly get excited about? Then it was released and everyone was like, 'whaaaa...'. Just in case you were wondering — PlayStation Home is still weird. This is gorgeous concept art for a game that was never released. You should look at it anyway.

Finally: this isn't really game related, but just in case you ever decide to visit Japan (you should totally decide to visit Japan) these are the five words you must know.

In Short Grand Theft Auto V Delayed To September 17 Don't Tell Ubisoft Australia Its Games Suck Reminder: PlayStation Home Is Still Weird Fine Art: Concept Art For A Game That Will Never Come Out Five Words You Must Know Before Visiting Japan


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