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Hello hello, and welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we wrap up the news coming in overnight or, in Monday's case, the news coming in over the weekend. Let's get straight to it!

This is pretty old by now, but it's one of my favourite things on Kotaku at the moment, so I thought I'd highlight it. Tim Rogers writes a video game review of American Football. Not Madden, not a game based on American Football. It's a review of the sport itself. It's great. It's funny, but more importantly it's actually a genuinely well-thought out, well argued piece of thinking. I absolutely loved it.

I lived in Japan for almost two years. During this period I spent a fair amount of time chuckling about the terrible English written on t-shirts — the direct equivalent of the bad kanji tattoos us westerners tend to sport. This is a history of terrible English translations in video games and it's pretty good!

Who watches Breaking Bad? Pretty much everyone. And we all want this game. Considering the fact they could be staring down the barrel of the PS4 release date, are these unreleased PS3 games running out of time?

Finally, the world needs this right now: Morgan Freeman in GTAIV, dressed as Gordon Freeman.

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