While You Were Sleeping

Another day another dollar. Also another While You Were Sleeping. Want a quick round up of what you missed while you were counting sheep? This is the place my friend. This is the place.

The Last of Us is up there with my most anticipated games being (hopefully) released this year. There's been a deluge of new info released about the game and the good folks in the US are all over it. First off we have some new gameplay footage for you to look at/salivate over/casually dismiss based on your preferences. Also — this post takes a good close look at the terrible enemies in the game.

In other PlayStation news — if you to look at speculative pics of what the new PS4 controller will look like based on early leaks, this is the post for you. Click click click!

What else? Well, George Lucas' daughter could most likely beat the crap out of you, and this Skyrim mod is taking things to a whole new stratosphere. Unbelievable.

In Short Get A Good Look At The Terrible Enemies In The Last Of Us George Lucas' Daughter Could Probably Kick Your Ass: The Movie The Magic Of Photoshop Brings The PS4 Controller To Life Don't Fret — This Last Of Us Gameplay Footage Won't Infect You Turning Skyrim Into A Game That's Not Even Skyrim Anymore


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