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Wake up everyone! Stuff is happening. Video game stuff. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Here's something I could have told you: The Witcher 3 will be the final game in the series. Do you know how I knew this? Simple. Geralt had a beard. Developers always leave beards for the climatic final act of a franchise. Beards have weight. Beards have gravitas. Beards mean some serious shit is about to go down.

Minecraft is pretty amazing really. Not necessarily the game itself (which is also kinda amazing) but what people do with the game. Minecraft has become a tool that allows people to do insane things. This documentary is about why kids play Minecraft. It's very cool.

The connection between these two stories makes me chuckle. The first: an anti-censorship group gives a library grief for banning games. The second: North Korea uses Call of Duty in bizarre propaganda. So let me get this straight: the fascist, communist state of North Korea is all about video games whilst the Western Democracy is all about banning them? What the hell!

Finally: can anyone draw Snake from Metal Gear? OF COURSE THEY CAN'T!

In Short The Witcher 3 Will Be The Final Game In The Series Anti-Censorship Group Shushes Library For Banning Games North Korea Uses Call Of Duty In Bizarre Propoganda A Short But Wonderful Documentary About Why Kids Play Minecraft Anyone Can Draw Snake From Metal Gear. Um, Maybe Not


    Dat Nth Korea video...

    To paraphrase a comment from another user, looks like Nth Korea is super cereal about war with the USA.

    Dragonborn DLC for PC dropped at midnight in Oz.

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