While You Were Sleeping

Hello hello. Where does the time go, eh? It's Thursday already? How did that happen. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of the news coming in overnight.

Okay hold on to your metaphorical hats (or your real hat, if you're wearing one) apparently a new report is stating that the next Xbox requires the internet — fair enough — and that it also blocks used games. What? I seriously doubt this. Big retail partners like Gamestop in the US would surely lose their minds at this decision. But then again, it is Edge and they don't tend to report things willy nilly. Interesting.

This is mighty purty. It's an artist's impression of what a future link and Zelda could look like. I think it looks awesome.

What else? The Sandy Hook state representative is proposing a 'Sin Tax' on M-Rated games. Bizarre. This is a look at Media Molecule's newest baby and this is an incredible Transformers snow sculpture.

In Short Report: Next Xbox Requires Internet, Blocks Used Games Tearaway Is A Great Love Letter To Your Fingers An Idea Of What A Future Link And Zelda Could Look Like Sandy Hook's State Rep Proposes Sin Tax On M-Rated Games Enormous Transformers Snow Sculpture Will Blow Your Mind


    Morning all..

    No way in hell that xbox rumour is true.
    If nothing else, Sony having been offline for as long as it was last year would have made Microsoft cancel any plans of that ilk.

    I can believe an online activation... but it would include a 'project $10' online pass style deal if the game is second hand.

    Microsoft would have met with Gamestop and other retailers during their consultation period.
    As much as publishers hate used game sales, they're aware of the number of 'trade ins' that go towards the purchase of new games... and retailers wont stock something that will put them out of business (PSP-go).

    Sure the xbox rumour is bad, but whether or not it's true coupled with whether or not they're going to continue doing the Xbox Live Gold system thing is the decider on whether or not I will buy one.

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