While You Were Sleeping

Friday, already? Lordy. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Let's get busy with the news. What did we miss whilst catching zzzs?

Well, we're a bit slack and late on this piece of news, but Ouya apparently has a console exclusive on Tim Schafer's Kickstarter game. I don't really know what to make of this. I'm still super cynical about the Ouya. Mostly because I'm still not sure how to pronounce it. Oooh-yah? Ow-yah? Help me out here!

This is what Iwata looks like as a walking Google camera. This is important stuff.

The man who made Yoda and Chewbacca passed away. Shame. This is a Fallout/Hotline Miami mash-up that needs to happen and this is how things fit into other things. Like a copy of Skyrim inside a Super Nintendo.

In Short Ouya Gets Console Exclusive On Tim Schafer's Big Kickstarter Game RIP The Man Who Made Yoda And Chewbacca Nintendo's President As A Walking Google Camera This Fallout And Hotline Miami Mash-Up Needs To Happen Things That Fit Into Other Things Like Super Nintendos


    And apparently Rayman Legends was delayed to September and it's no longer a WiiU Exclusive.

    So uhh... Remind me why I should get a WiiU again..?

      Pokemon Colliseum 3? (made up title)

      Zelda Wind Waker HD?

      That's the reason I'm buying one... Also the new Fire Emblem cross over game.

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