While You Were Sleeping

Oh sweet lord the sleepiness. [Slaps self]. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post where I try hard to stay awake and write what went on overnight in the world of games.

Arguably the biggest thing was the flood of Aliens: Colonial Marines reviews. This is Kotaku's review, and things aren't looking too great. Ah well.

But I'd argue the most important post coming in overnight was this one. Yes, this is Japan. Yes, this has nothing to do with video games whatsoever. Yes, that is Bruce Willis made out of chocolate. I'm sorry everyone — you're just going to have to indulge me on this one. This post is amazing.

Apparently DS Homebrew is still going strong with this Portal adaptation, this cool Japanese ruin would make a fascinating video game and you can play the Assassin's Creed of the future with guns. Sort of.

In Short You Can Play Assassin's Creed Of The Future With Guns. Sort Of. This Modern Japanese Rui Would Make A Fascinating Computer Game Aliens: Colonial Marines: The Kotaku Review DS Homebrewing Still Going Strong With Portal Adaptation Yes, This Is Bruce Willis Made Out Of Chocolate


    [D.C. shouldn't make jokes.]

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      *shakes fist at DC for turning something innocent into something creepy*

        Sorry. Attempt at a joke. :S

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