While You Were Sleeping

Finally, a good night's sleep! I'm ready! Let's get this While You Were Sleeping news party kicking!

When the whole Disney Infinity thing started I know what you were all thinking. SKYLANDERS RIPOFF ROFLMAO! Right? I'll admit the thought did cross my mind. But this post goes into a little bit of depth on how Disney Infinity is different from Skylanders.

I was always more of a Nintendo 64 guy, so I never got to the stage where I fetishised the original PlayStation's start-up music. But I'm sure there are plenty of you folks out there who did. This is for you!

You all know I love Trials, so me highlighting these real life Trials exploits is more about what I love than anything. Still, it's cool. So you should watch it! This C64 version of The Walking Dead looks cool, and this guy tried to walk out of Kmart with 19 video games in his pants.

In Short Yes, The PlayStation's Startup Music Is Still Orgasmic Here's How The Disney Infinity Is Different From Skylanders Insane Rider Bring Trials Bike Riding Madness To Life I Would Play The C64 Version Of The Walking Dead Until The End Of Days Man Tries To Walk Out Of Kmart With 19 Video Games In His Pants


    Saw that real-life Trials video last night. It's insane. Needs more vertical inclines and forward flips, though.

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